SparkPeople Member Blogs These are the most recent public blog entries from SparkPeople Members. SparkPeople Member Blogs Having A Great 3 Day Weekend I have good news! Last week, SSA (the Social Security Administration) called me to say that they are finally cutting off my SSD (disability payments), since I have been working for quite some time now. It should have been cut off many months ago. They said that the change will be finalized wit... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:37:27 EST Slow Sunday We didn't get all the horrible weather that was predicted today, so that was good. It was supposed to be icy/snowy/sleety for going to church this morning, but it wasn't! <BR> <BR> Spent some time visiting with a friend yesterday. Spent more time than we planned, but it was good. Time just pa... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:30:45 EST Walking day two It looked like walking was out today because in the morning it rained but in the afternoon after lunch out, the sun came out and my friend dropped me 4 miles from home and I walked home <BR> Taking in more snowdrops and also some roadside daffodils. Spring is surely on its way Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:23:45 EST Feels Great to be 65 Years Young LOL!! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I guess you can tell how exciting and blessed it feels to see age 65. Looking back I had no idea what my life would be like or if the world would still exist. LOL <BR> <BR> I am blessed to have... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:22:58 EST Still to cold, stupid snow <img src=""> <BR> Took a quick mile walk on our road with my granddaughter Nevaeh Leann, just to cold, let it rain or at least melt this snow, UGH 😣 Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:16:37 EST No Shoveling Today---But Pictures of Yesterday! I has been too, too cold today so the snow is now frozen rock hard. But, little did I know, John-Boy took pictures yesterday! So I am passing on this proof! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <img src="http://photosaws.spark... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:13:11 EST Fluid Retention-Higher Blood Pressure-Weight Gain Problem I’m starting to research the cause and effect relationship between fluid retention, higher blood pressure, and weight gain. <BR> <BR> Example: <BR> My average blood pressure is around 115/70 to 120/80 <BR> My recent elevated higher blood pressure was 138/80 <BR> My sudden weight gain in a day wa... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:13:06 EST Cinnamon-Raisin Noodle Kugel, slightly reduced I am not observant in my food choices as a Jew, I do NOT eat kashrut, by which I mean that i do not keep a kosher kitchen nor do I avoid mixing meat and milk. Although I have observed that eating a hamburger and cheese together, aka cheeseburger, upsets my stomach. So does eating too many dairy ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:12:33 EST Aging Gracefully As my birthday nears and my MIL lies on her death bed, I just feel lost and scared about getting old. I know many of you are older than I am, I will turn 62 in about a week and have been having a hard time with this. I kind of feel that there was a past life in which I died at age 62 which doesn... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:05:34 EST Some Days 😂😂😂 <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:58:37 EST Well that's a day not to repeat. I went for a cycle ride with Phil. <BR> <BR> After 20 miles, I waved a car out of a side junction as we were battling at 6mph, into a rather intensive headwind, gusting at us. It was some young man in a BMW, I am pretty sure that I was just saving us from a dangerously close pass 100 yards up th... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:56:37 EST Today's gym adventure. So like I was going to I was on the bike for 30 minutes, whoa did I ever sweat! I feel more confident pushing myself on the bike because if I do on the treadmill I fear I'll fall from my legs giving out. <BR> <BR> The leg work out wasn't bad, I obviously have more strength in my legs than my arm... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:54:13 EST Day 48: That was Crazy <img src=""> <BR> <BR> "Treat your dreams as you would a garden; Give them room to grow." (Terri Trespicio) <BR> <BR> Hello my lovely friends! The snow that started yesterday came with a huge punch because there were... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:39:54 EST Food Withdrawals De-Talks ~ Crankified Day 2 (photoblog) Food Withdrawals De-Talks ~ Crankified Day 2 (photoblog) <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <em>227</em> Drop that donut Mister! Stand down, step back and stay back! Rfff!!! <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:37:10 EST TIME TO GET SERIOUS <img src=""> <BR> I've decided that today I will start with baby steps, small goals. So, today I will start by NOT eating fried foods (my weakness) for a week. If I can accomplish that I will start NOT eating sugary t... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:27:42 EST May we be peace <img src=""> <BR> <BR> May we be courageous enough to release mean criticisms, uncharitable ideas and old grudges against ourselves and others. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:21:07 EST it's sunday a new week has begun. my daughter and i are taking it easy today. in a while, i will head out to get some much needed groceries. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! happy family day, president's day and a wonderful day tomorrow for all! have an amazing day! Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:17:46 EST Saturday Sunday Easy day yesterday no chores, exercise then family shopping and dinner out. A few chores today and food prep Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:11:38 EST Sunday afternoon First of all, I want to ask anyone who reads this blog, to pray or at least channel your thoughts for two of my dear friends. One had surgery, the other is going through a waiting period from a health challenge. Both are dear to me, and are wonderful giving people. <BR> <BR> I hope everybody... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:09:14 EST Spring Seed Flats Planted <img src=""> It’s time! (6-8 weeks b4 our Last Frost Date-Apr 4) Started Seed Flats * Swiss Card Bright Lights * Bok Choi Toy Choy * Tomatillo Purple * Chinese Cabbage Emiko * Broccoli * Cauliflower * Roma Tomato *... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:07:34 EST Keto Keto Keto... Sigh It has been 7 days on the Keto diet. I have so much anxiety about this diet. It goes against everything I have ever learned and there are so many variations on the diet. Yes mayo no mayo, yes to sweeteners no to sweeteners, yes to fruit no to fruit! It's giving me major anxiety. Plus I don't und... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:04:23 EST On introversion I need more quiet time/ alone time than the average person. I am thereby a self diagnosed introvert. <BR> <BR> As I've gotten older my tolerance of unwanted crowds has diminished. I live in what was the fastest growing county in the nation just a few years back (haven't checked stats recentl... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 14:57:21 EST Here goes! This is my first time doing this so I hope that you all will put up with me! I started back on this site about a week ago. Hopefully I'll stick with it, get my weight under control and get better putting my feelings in writing! Anyway, I'll post again in a day or two. Take care and God bless one ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 14:36:54 EST Small weight loss but its a start!!! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> HI everyone! <BR> <BR> hope your day is full of fun!!!!! <BR> <BR> I'm celebrating my fi... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 14:29:04 EST 2019 Goal of 100 pushups in a set This is my ongoing attempt to do 100 push-ups in one set. I first planned to do 100 push-ups by my 6th Sparkpeople anniversary date May 15, 2019 (40 weeks and 2 days from my start date of August 4th 2018. Now, as of 2/16/19, I figured I try and do 53 in 30 weeks (by March 2, 2019). and 100 pushup... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 14:19:20 EST Tick, tick, tick... interesting Often I go and observe before I go and do something new. Today was my first time at an indoor triathlon, and it was as a volunteer. I sat on a bench and made ticky-marks and counted up the total lengths each of two swimmers in each of six heats swam. The heats were only ten minutes long, not l... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 14:16:48 EST 17th February <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Today was just lovely - in fact I've had a lovely weekend. I really appreciate these days off when I've done a long run of work days. I usually get every other weekend off - so I make the most... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 14:10:12 EST Sunday sundae Sumday No, I'm not eating ice cream, it's freaking freezing and I'm wearing a hat indoors at the Little Caesars Arena, watching the Canadian women beating the USA so far. It's 2-0 at the end of two, so there's still 20 minutes for us to catch up. Weirdly, the US has outshoot the opponents 28-13 so far... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 14:04:42 EST start on a new journey <em>521</em> today is the 1-year anniversary of my boyfriends. I have to say I am not as sad as I thought I am. it has taken me a year to realize that he will abusive but not in a physical way, he controlled all the money, he did let me have friends of my own, he made me feel like an inch tall ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:54:32 EST Changes...and an update on my current loss! I am feeling pretty amazing these days! It's hard NOT to share my happy news! <BR> <BR> My baby is almost 17 months old and it took a good year to figure out what I wanted to do as far as exercise goes. I tried 2 different gyms. I tried cycle class, zumba, kick boxing, a lifting class, some car... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:46:01 EST Ongoing Learning Yesterday, I took a look through some of my past lab results. It was interesting to take that holistic look back. I was particularly curious about the WBC results and wondered, what would a Functional (or Integrative) Medicine Doctor consider an optimal range? <BR> <BR> I was thinking that I n... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:37:02 EST Tomorrow is Big Day Tomorrow we go to sign the lease on the apt., and being delayed from Friday due to a plumbing problem. But we were assured we'd be able to move in tomorrow. So I've been loading the car with as many plastic tote bins as it will hold for the first trip over. We can't get the U-Haul until Tuesday m... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:34:09 EST Frustrated but Determined! How did I get here? 73.8 pounds to lose. I have never been that overweight. Being so frustrated leads to being very unhappy that I can't control my choices or rather haven't controlled the choices I've made. My weight has been a center of my life for my entire life and I'm 58 years old. My mo... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:21:09 EST Cautiously Optimistic Acutally I am generally an optimistic person anyways but just not with the weather this year. <BR> <em>30</em> <BR> The sun is shining, definitely warmer out and its still morning. I can hear the snow melting off the roof and trees are bare which is good sign. There is a small private islan... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:14:56 EST I was caught off guard Today after church “some good meaning” people came up to me to hear more about my daughter. I asked “what about her” and they said they had heard what happened. One of the ladies who lives in the same complex that gave a statement to the detective has been talking. I just said I am not at libe... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:11:05 EST Miserable With Myself...1st Day Back....Need Some Friends!!!! <BR> ENTRY 1. SUNDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2019 <BR> I am totally disgusted & mad with myself. I am afraid if I don’t do something now with my weight I will never. <BR> 72 years old, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteopenia, & degenerative disks. There is probably more but this is what comes to ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:09:58 EST More snow in Illinois! Hi Spark friends! I looked out the window this morning and noticed we got about an inch of snow which wasn't too bad. It's more a nuisance then anything but it's beautiful to look at. How is everyone's weekend? Did you get to do anything fun? My husband and I stayed at home and relaxed except for... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 13:02:15 EST Quotes and my thoughts about desire, overly high expectations and disappointment Most of us here on SP struggle or struggled at one point with strong cravings for certain foods, and emotional eating. <BR> I'm reading a book*** about mindfulness and meditation, and came across a very interesting section which I thought my be relevant to some readers. <BR> <BR> ""... Sensual d... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:58:42 EST Prayer Power According to God’s Word – 11 Have you ever prayed without seeing results even though you have faith? <BR> <BR> “Now about that time Herod the king stretched out his hand to harass some from the church. Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. And because he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:56:33 EST I have Made it I finally Made it out of zu 200 i have been 200 plus all of my Adult Life 198 today Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:45:39 EST Where There's a Will, There's a Wait <img src=""> <BR> On Wednesday morning, we were smacked with another bout of ice. I was sure it was going to make me late to work, and since my recent frequent absences had basically put me on attendance probation at ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:35:12 EST Good morning! May be a TMI NSV I feel like I am progressing nicely. I have lost just about 30 pounds, I am losing inches, and I feel so much better than a year ago at this time. <BR> <BR> But, this week, I had a bit of a weird NSV. I realized that all my bras are too big! So, I had to throw out two and I ordered a new type. ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:33:03 EST All Polished Up - plus status on weekly goals Well - I polished off the rust and got my team of 20 volunteers into action mode - and we put on a grand spread last night. This is one of the big fundraising projects in our tiny community of 10K people. In years past they hired a cater who donated the time but charged for the food. The organiz... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:24:40 EST First Day Back! Well it's been about 6 years since I've been here. A lot of things have changed in 6 years! I got this! Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:08:48 EST Weekend Adventures: Cross-Country Skiing This weekend about 10 of us hit the ski trails at Governor Nelson!! I’m still pretty anemic so I had to be careful not to push myself too hard...but it was still a good workout, and a great way to spend the afternoon!! <BR> <BR> <img src=" Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:08:18 EST 497 days to goal Thankfully I'm over the sickness I had last week! I guess this is going to be a thing, getting sick every January. Might have to reconsider getting that flu shot. <em>527</em> . Oh getting older... <BR> <BR> Speaking of that, I turned 31 this past Tuesday! <em>383</em> I'm not sad about get... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:06:53 EST Plan I plan to walk a little today Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:53:47 EST Bah humbug, more snow. Back or should I say, still in the grips of winter. More snow over the night again, and it is blowing fairly well out there. But hubby did make it to town for his coffee this morning. You know he can't miss that little bit of gossip nor miss seeing his cronies. When he came home I was ready t... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:53:11 EST 02/17/19 Possible <img src=""> <BR> <BR> "It always seems impossible until it's done." Nelson Mandela <BR> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> "Is that en... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:49:23 EST Sunday Morning Sunshine for all time. It is a beautiful warm sunshiny start to the day on the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast. My wife is already outside working in the flower beds. I will be out there soon helping with the necessary spring chores. Th spring season is upon us here very early this year. It was too mild a winter whic... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:48:14 EST Look for the silver linings.... This weekend has been difficult in some way. A very good friend, who I'm POA for, is in the hospital in another state and I feel helpless. She might not make it. <BR> <BR> I've never talked about this, but I'm estranged from my birth family, and even my own children. I can deal with it most of ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:41:10 EST Nose to Tail Tour: How to Assess Your Dog’s Health at Home <link><BR>-tour-how-to-assess-your-dog-s-health-<BR>at-home/?utm_source=petcoach&utm_mediu<BR>m=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_N215&u<BR>tm_content=dog_article_secondary </link> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:31:06 EST today can only go up from here. My puppy woke me up at 4 this morning to go outside, then at 6:11, and again at 7:04. One of my dogs got sick 4 times during the night. First thing this morning I was cleaning my carpet, still need to do it again. Decide to take my dogs for their walk, opened my closet and my shelf collapsed.... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:23:29 EST Busy times Been a while since I could update my blog. Much has transpired, so much of it good. <BR> Our loved one who is fighting cancer was hospitalized for a month. What a long and exhausting time—but we are home now and hoping for healing and return of strength. There is always hope and much to hope fo... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:19:50 EST Keep trying I set the alarm clock up 30 minutes to have time for a morning walk. My body was in no mood to exercise and did not want to leave the warm bed. After a 15-minute cry finally got out of bed. Got out the tape measure and started measuring myself. I had lost 2.75 inches and gain a half inch in the c... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:12:10 EST Mediterranean diet... I am not real well at following a certain diet. But I was looking at foods that help with inflammation, this diet was on the article I was reading it. I am ready to try something new, as what I am doing isn't helping a great deal. I am going to research and turn my eating toward this diet and see... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:06:47 EST Making progress... As I get older, I have had to shift my mindset. Everything I do to stay fit and healthy seems to require more; more mental effort, more exercise, more healthy food choices, just.. more. This fall I really struggled with finding my reason why. I was feeling tired, and simply unmotivated. As a r... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 11:03:55 EST February 17, 2019 <img src=""> I am keeping busy today. Went to visit the tree we planted in memory of my 2 angels up in Heaven. Walked around the park, got some groceries and gas. Back home again doing laundry and cleaning. Also ro... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:59:02 EST Different If you are no different than everybody else it is no different than if you didn't exist. <BR> Rod Serling Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:59:00 EST 2019 TRYING TO DEAL BETTER WITH MY MOM CONDITION hey sparkers hope all are doing ok sleep in this morning having talked with my mom doctor last month i am feeling better about her going in nursing home going to take a while with medicaid and all and getting her apartment cleaned out will benefit all of us she will be safe and meds given to he... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:55:53 EST New week This is a new start over in all efforts and TRY Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:54:16 EST Relaxing I've decided to have a relaxing day. <BR> I went to Church, came home and had breakfast. <BR> Plan on a few phone calls and a nap. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:54:12 EST Healthy thoughts <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:35:41 EST Good Morning! Good morning! It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm feeling positive. I'm so pleased that I was able to leave some messages for fellow Sparkers. I believe it will help keep me focused. Unfortunately, I will have to accept that I will not be able to do it every day as there are only 24 hours... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:22:02 EST Happiness, Movement and Meditation <img src=""> <BR> I am reading Running with the Mind of Meditation, by Sakyong Mipham, and this morning came across this gem: "Thirty minutes of moving our body or thirty minutes of meditating on compassion lead to v... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:17:23 EST Distractions Back on the horse that I prefer ... <BR> Thinking of excuses for the past days -- I did not backslide but I did not push either. My walking buddy needed me to take him to the hospital… it seems he that had been ignoring his health and it came to a head. I may have embarrassed him by not letting... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:07:22 EST Freezer cleanup <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I've been meaning to clean out the freezer and decided the best way to do it would be to pull everything out, group it by type and decide what to do with it! <BR> <BR> This photo above shows ab... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:04:08 EST Here we snow again... So on the plus side; losing weight and going to PT this past year have both really paid off when it comes to shoveling and while I'm not shoveling my own snow this year, I am (primarily) the one who goes to clean up the other house. <BR> <BR> This is something I am quite proud of doing at my a... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 10:01:34 EST Happy Sunday <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> I like to think that each new day is a chance to do better, to change what you don't like, forget the past, forget yesterday and look forward.... <BR> <BR> <BR> HAVE A HAPPY AND HE... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:58:15 EST Hospital story My family finally tells me last night that when they brought me back to my room after surgery my heart rate got down to 25 and we won't even mention my bp. My husband was asking for help when my daughter who is a home health nurse came in. She reacted immediately! Long story short See I have many... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:52:13 EST Random Acts of Kindness Day <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Date When Celebrated : Always February 17th <BR> <BR> Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. And, you know what to do...perform a few random acts of kindness. Almost any kind deed will do. And,... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:45:30 EST Why We Lash Out Last week, I was at the end of a lash-out. Talk about being broad-sided. <BR> My employer has been having real difficulties with another employee within the company and not realizing at that particular point she was being overwhelmed with the stress of frustration, agitation and anger and needin... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:40:39 EST Wonder Woman is back on track! <img src=""> <BR> Lord love a Duck! This wee fella makes me want to get going--move the body! <BR> I was on the Dreadmill---11 minutes for now--about 1200 steps-- <BR> <BR> <img src=" Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:36:40 EST i have to conquer i have to get past this One reason I hate weighing in, is because if I have lost some weight and I feel good about it, I almost always sabotage my success. <BR> I have not been doing right the last 4 or 5 days!! <BR> Eating pizza and burgers and junk food!! <BR> I am so flipping mad at myself. <BR> Then yesterday, I ran... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:36:39 EST My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 198 out of 365 days. fairy garden. <img src=""> <BR> My fairy garden. Send a photo to son, his gf, and my niece. My niece and gf think it is really cute. My son said it needs grass, wood, and plants. I am undecided. Thanks for reading my blog. Keep... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:35:28 EST "I look like a pig" On Facebook today I saw the sweetest photo of a young Dad and his little daughter. He was taking her to a father/daughter dance and they were both all dressed up. His caption, though, made me want to cry. He said, "My wife thinks I clean up very well but I think I look like a pig". <BR> <BR> I ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:34:28 EST HAPPY DAY. 57 yrs. Ago today my first-borned was borned. <BR> <BR> Celeste Viola Paxson <BR> <BR> She is our daughter who is a Paraglyic due to an auto accident in 2002. <BR> She also is wheelchair bound. <BR> <BR> She and her service dog, Emma reside in a Nursing facility about 45min-1hr, away. I m so... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:33:52 EST Thinking out loud Track track track! I have to be honest and say that although I am doing my 10 minutes of exercise and drinking 8 plus glasses of water per day, for some unknown reason, I just cannot find the time to track track track! I know the time is there to track. So I'm back and challenging myself to trac... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:33:32 EST Excuses and False Beliefs Be careful of labels..... <BR> <BR> Since I declared myself "diet-free" 3 days ago, I've been reflecting on all the labels I've given myself over the past 17 years of constant dieting. <BR> <BR> "I'm a binge eater" <BR> <BR> "I'm a food addict" <BR> <BR> "I can't be trusted around food" <BR>... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:33:26 EST Sunday Exercise complete. Now to get ready for church. Have a lovely and peaceful day. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:22:56 EST Waking up on Sunday morning after first night without heat We are surviving. The temperature suggested I add a layer before getting up to run to the bathroom. Not unbearable but a wee bit chilly. Hopefully it will warm up during the day. We are currently having a mild spell but the bitter cold spell is predicted early to mid-week. Praying it stays around... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:22:24 EST Sunday Have a great Sunday everyone. <BR> <em>386</em> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:20:14 EST Sunday Brilliant Thoughts <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:17:08 EST Weight Still having issues stuck in a rut losing Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:15:10 EST Backwoods Birth Deep in the back woods of Tennessee, a hillbilly’s wife went into labor in the middle of the night, and the doctor was called out to assist in the delivery. Since there was no electricity, the doctor handed the father-to-be a lantern and said, “Here. You hold this high so I can see what I am doin... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:06:55 EST It's A New Day I celebrated my birthday recently and so I decided I needed to do something for me. I love my Fitbit Charge 2. I wear it all the time and I love my weekly competition with my sis. I decided that I needed the Fitbit scale to help me in my weight is a perfect birthday present to myse... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:05:59 EST It's Been a Long Time - Restarting Again It has been at least 5 years since I last used Sparkpeople. SparkPeople helped me achieve my goals a long time ago and is really one of the best online weight loss communities there is. <BR> <BR> Since then a lot has changed, some good and some bad. <BR> <BR> One is that I quit teaching. I re... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:56:17 EST So it does work... <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> My girls grew up with cats and large dogs and I'm happy to say <BR> <BR> that they're both... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:55:30 EST Scary Evening Heart Episode Hubs and I took both sisters out to dinner last night. I was driving. As we were headed home, I started to feel funny. Got super dizzy and started to hypervetilate. Started freaking out, because I was driving and was blacking out...and having the feeling of "oh crap, I'm having a heart attack and... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:54:55 EST Mommy’s Birthday!! <img src=""> What an enjoyable time we had with the family celebrating my mom’s 58th birthday!!!🎉🎂🎁🎈 Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:50:35 EST Happy Sunday -- snowing (surprise !! lol) .. thinking of hunkering in for the day .. :) <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! <BR> <BR> You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:47:38 EST Day 102: Don't Always Trust the Scale (15 Week Analysis) So I've been working on getting healthier now for 15 weeks. And making more progress than you might think. I've been going slowly, but going slowly is actually better for your body than going quickly--you are much more likely to keep the weight off if you go slowly than if you go quickly. I have ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:35:54 EST Healthy Affirmations to Live By Rise, repeat, grind, shine! Begin each day by reciting these affirmations to yourself. <BR> <BR> I am vibrant and healthy. <BR> <BR> I eat nutritious foods that fill me with energy and vitality. <BR> <BR> I exercise and move daily to keep my body vibrant and healthy. <BR> <BR> I love and appr... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:29:04 EST Happy ☺ Sunday 💕 I everyone has a Blessed Sunday and a wonderful day at Sunday!!!!!! I'm going to a new Congregation today, with my boyfriend, since we have to work again today, but don't want to miss Church ⛪ for the second Sunday on a row. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:28:06 EST Ruminating on Goals Goals. <BR> <BR> We all need goals to help us on our journey, don't we? For many, their goal is a number on a scale. Or a specific dress size. Which are good goals to have. <BR> People often ask me what my goals are, with all the training I do. I've given this question a lot of thought and I do... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:28:04 EST Heading to the other side with hope When I started this life style change in the New Year ,as a new widow, I was and am committed to change. I was so focused for ten years on looking after my DH that I didn't care what I looked like or my own health. After his death,I realized that if I want to see my grandchildren grow and if I wa... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:25:29 EST Dexamethasone side effect of freezing ? Maybe a long shot here. TBI warriors and survivors, caregivers (God bless the caregivers) <BR> <BR> Side effects of this Decatron as my adult "transformer movie fan" SON calls it <BR> or maybe its me he calls that.. anyways.. <BR> <BR> the list is long.. but what I cant find is a drop in ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:23:26 EST "S.P.A.C.E. " method of decluttering. I am repeating a blog bcause I have not learned it yet. <BR> •S -Sort. Bring like items together so you can see what you have. <em>58</em> GOT IT! <BR> •P -Purge. Do you love it, use it, need it? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, what could you do if you didn’t have it? Use these questions as a framework to help you make decisions a... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:10:45 EST Birthday Today is my sons birthday. He’s my youngest turning 22. He wants to go out to eat at this fabulous restaurant that gives you a ton of food. The name is “Lottawatta Creek.” I don’t know, but I feel like the “Lotta” part of the title stands for a lotta food! I’m going to practice portion contr... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:03:06 EST Celebrating with friends We threw a party last night for 17. Had a blast! Our neighbors in South Carolina aren’t social so we quit entertaining at home. All one wanted to do was argue politics, loudly. No way! Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:52:45 EST DS and here with baby - wife at GF house Good Morning, I had a long talk with DS about situation. I just let him talk. He knows he needs to get counseling for self esteem. wife will not sleep in our house when he comes b/c she feels she is being judged by us. DS told me that he was on the phone with VA when she was having one of he... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:51:04 EST February Frenzy <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Whew, what a month! February found me overloaded in a good way with several ministry opportunities. First I was involved in a three day Vacation Bible School here in our little interior town. ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:51:03 EST Work ❤️ Life ❤️ Balance Planner ❤️ Loving my weekly planner <BR> running out of blog time this dark and cold February morning .. Happy Sunday dear dear friends .. <BR> there is a picture of my planner on my activity feed .. <BR> <BR> <BR> I am a paper, pen , stationary hound ... always have been <BR> I love pretty paper .. pe... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:50:08 EST Problems of Bangladesh We are having more storms etc but if the glaciers start to melt then the low lying areas go under water & what happens? Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:48:33 EST It matters to me, that is all that matters.. So salsa dancing was fun.. mostly technique, basic steps, repetition. It is a lot more difficult than it seems if you want to do it correctly. Instructor was great breaking it down, I really, really enjoyed it and want to go back again in the future. <BR> <BR> Bowling was meh, my finger is s... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:44:34 EST Whining about dogs. Yes, this has affected my diet! Did I say how much I do not like sleeping with a dog? It sounds all cute and cuddly until someone brings in squeaky toys. He sleeps with fuzzy toys IN his mouth. <BR> Decides to wrap around my head. <BR> Settles on my feet. <BR> I traded to the pull-out trundle and kept it at floor level. I was a... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:44:01 EST On the lighter side <img src=""> <BR> <em>198</em> <em>334</em> <BR> <em>386</em> Sparkers Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:23:22 EST 2 COLORING PAGES 2-17-2019 <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:14:42 EST JOLLIES FROM JUDY 2-17-2019 <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:13:57 EST 2/17/19 Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure. Meister Eckhart Quote of the Day <BR> A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. <BR> Mahatma Gandhi <BR> <BR> Love Quote of the Day <BR> Because of a great love, one is courageous. <BR> Lao Tzu <BR> <BR> Art Quote of the Day <BR> A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:13:26 EST I Don't Quit! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Got stamina? Got some and want more. Repetition will get me there! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src="... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:10:06 EST Sunday Ahh no baking to do!! Have to work on my room Play with Lucy Make shopping list Knit Maybe do a puzzle. I have leftover keto crockpot chicken from last night so supper is already made! Have a great Sunday! Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:04:42 EST Thought and Prayer for Sunday, February 17, 2019 February 17, 2019 UNITY IN THE CHURCH <BR> <BR> If we look up the word harmony we would find a definition of agreement or mutual relationships. The definition of unity is being combined into one or having oneness of mind. As believers, we are united together for the same purpose with the same fo... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 06:55:43 EST Sunday Funny Three knuckleheads died in a car accident and landed in heaven together. <BR> <BR> God addressed the first one, "Before you are allowed to enter heaven you must answer a question. What can you tell me about Easter?" <BR> <BR> The first one looked puzzled for a moment then said, "Oh, I know. Tha... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 06:27:52 EST Doing the INNER Work <img src=""> <BR> The INNER work that comes after you get a handle on the whatever it is you're trying to overcome or change (be it emotional eating or drinking) is the hardest work you may have to face is the inner wo... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 06:26:29 EST Saturday Cardio (02/16/19) <img src=""> Saturday Cardio: Busy week, ending the week with this brisk walk. Planning for next week. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 06:23:24 EST So fun Yesterday was was so fun spending time with my precious little Myles! Hard to believe we both have screws and still conquered 3.63 miles. I love my puppy ! <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 06:04:56 EST POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS Let them praise His name in the dance: let them sing praises unto Him with timbrel and harp. Psalm149:3 (KJV) ....................................<BR>.............................And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see (it) together: for the mouth (of) the LORD hath s... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 05:19:05 EST Stride for Life Saturday participated in "Stride for Life" a fun run/walk to raise funds and awareness of Cancer. I was about 3 miles. It's been a long time since I participated in a fun run/walk. One of my exercise partners (actually it was her idea) participated also. I admire her very much. <BR> 1. She... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 05:15:45 EST An early trip <img src=""> <BR> I live an hour's drive from Mom, so I start my Saturdays early. By 7:30, we're on the road with coffee waiting for us. Today will be very busy with a trip into Wal*Mart to buy Mom a new vacuum clean... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 05:10:06 EST Sunday Let's make it a great day! <em>224</em> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 05:01:30 EST Thinking of blogging to give back Another night talking with my sister. We hashed out what happened with our older sister. Stupid old stuff, we both loved her, just different relationships. Other things cleared up. More laughing than serious talking...relief. <BR> <BR> I'm freezing cold again. More so than yesterday. Ton... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:51:59 EST Dogs ;-) 02/16/19 <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Reuben the Bulldog: Jealous Much? <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <img src=""... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:43:04 EST Easy listening <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <link> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:38:33 EST SUNDAY MORNING It's around 4;00 AM Sunday morning.The rain that fell so hard all day yesterday has stopped. This happened some time during the night. The temperature right now is -2 % celecus so all standing water will be frozen for the moening walk. There seems to be a pttern in Nova Scoyia this winter. Snow, ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:23:45 EST Sunday Reflections... <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Good Morning All, <BR> <BR> Wishing you all a great Sunday & Week ahead filled with God's Abundant Blessings... <BR> <BR> Let's keep Shining for Jesus, Sparking and Pushing on Together... <BR>... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:21:19 EST Quote for Sunday <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:20:26 EST Bible Verse for Sunday <BR> 1 John 4:11-12 NKJV <BR> <BR> 11. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. <BR> <BR> 12. No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us. <BR> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:19:39 EST Soothing Sunday <link> </link> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:16:38 EST Daily Affirmation for Sunday, February 17, 2019 " I ascend from Fear to Unconditional Love." <BR> <BR> - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, <BR> with link to Sun, 17 Feb 2019 02:59:05 EST SPARKPEOPLE PROGRAM • DAY 7 And just like that, week one is done! Yes! I made it through Stage 1, using the SparkCoach. <BR> <BR> I think that I've been very active in Spark. <BR> Though I didn't learn anything new, I remembered old habits. <BR> I was very proud to make the right choices, even when there were small choices. <BR> I'm drawing out that spark ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 02:55:50 EST 2-16-19 Glad I got all the important things outside done yesterday because we had unexpected snow today. All I have to do outside tomorrow is take the trash down. Otherwise I'll be working inside, cleaning, organizing sorting. Plus laundry.I'm also thinking about raising the thermostat a couple of degree... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 01:34:31 EST Bible Verse for Saturday... Isaiah 41:10 <BR> <BR> Fear not, for I am with you; <BR> Be not dismayed, for I am your God. <BR> I will strengthen you, <BR> Yes, I will help you, <BR> I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ <BR> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 01:29:47 EST Quote for Saturday <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 01:28:00 EST Kindness <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Random Acts of Kindness Day <BR> Aesop wrote in The Lion and the Mouse, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." Small, random acts of kindness can brighten someone's day in a ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 01:19:25 EST Winter <img src=""> <BR> So much of the last month we have been inside and had things cancelled. 6 more inches expected by morning. One daughter is to sing at 8am and another daughter is out of state and is travelling home an... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 01:15:08 EST FIRST TIME IN A WEEK I MADE MY GOAL IN STEPS I actually made 10042 steps today. That was walking at different times during the day up until 10:30. I didn't think I was ever going to see those numbers again. Guess what? This was one determined lady and it paid off. <BR> <BR> It's been a busy day. Left home about 11:30 this morning and ... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:51:44 EST Laugh of the day <img src=""> <BR> This is me. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:49:08 EST Segmenting (or Supreming) Citrus video i have watched this video several times. i have tried it and i can get the first few segments out easily but after that it ends up messy. i am not sure if it is my knife or my knife skills that need work <BR> <BR> <link><BR>os.asp?video=Segmenting_(or_Supre... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:48:26 EST Healing... Happy! <img src=""> <BR> I'm healing very well. I'm experiencing less pain, some discomfort and itching at my splint site. I'm scheduled for a cast soon. I feel blessed, truly. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:33:17 EST Ah, Naw Ah, Naw, Chris Young, 2013 <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> Yeah, I think I'm gonna leave <BR> I just had that one drink <BR> And we've all gotta be up early <BR> Boys, we oughta shut her down <BR> Just take i... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:27:14 EST Special Blessings-February 17, 2019 Today I am especially blessed for the following: <BR> <BR> 1. Jim and I started our day off at the coffee shop. <BR> <BR> 2. After coffee, we ran a much needed errand. <BR> <BR> 3. We took my Dad to the Jamboree this evening. He is feeling well again and felt like dancing enough to keep al... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:25:57 EST Daily Affirmation for Saturday, February 16, 2019 " I alone am the MASTER of my ship of life." <BR> <BR> - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, <BR> with link to Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:15:29 EST Icy Roads: Walk Like A............. PENGUIN!! Ahhh You probably thought I was gonna say " Egyptian" ? <BR> <BR> But no. <BR> <BR> Turns out, we're supposed to walk like a Penguin. <BR> <BR> (stand by while I upload an informational graphic that I found on a friends's Facebook Page. The photo is on my phone, and I'm on the laptop no... Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:14:18 EST Weather It was a nice day and warmed up to low 60s. It is 52 outside and 64 inside. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:09:20 EST Sunday's Thought <img src=""> Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:06:17 EST .. Day 47/365 <img src=""> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:59:20 EST Good News for Feb 16 It was a nice day in GA. Unexpected because we were prepared for 7 days of mostly rain. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Today's good news is from Massachusetts: <BR> <link><BR... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:57:42 EST Frogging and Knitting Last night, while watching a DVD with Dearly Beloved and having a Cuba Libre I really started looking at a MKAL cowl and ended up frogging a little over a third of it. At the beginning of the evening it looked like this: <BR> <BR> <img src=" Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:52:08 EST There's A Trick........... There's a trick to driving on ice................. <BR> <BR> and apparently nobody knows it! <BR> <BR> <BR> We have certainly witnessed this in the past two weeks. One 'Pile up' near Osseo, WI. included over 40 vehicles..............when will we ever learn to slow down when there is even the ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:48:03 EST Thanks for your kind words..Feb 16 Thanks for the kind words about my eye. Can't wait to get my eyedrops. <BR> <BR> Today I went to the memorial for my friend's husband. It is also the anniversary of the loss of my former student and friend and the death of another friend. This will always be a day where my heart just aches. <BR>... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:45:20 EST Icy trails ahead. <img src=""> <BR> Today's step adventure was up a frozen trail of ice next to a 600 foot dropoff, not for the faint of heart mind you, but the rewards are great but made sure I had my ice cleats on for sure. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:13:40 EST Sat 2/16 Funeral We went to a friend's funeral this afternoon. She was one of our tai chi buddies, and she was only 68. She had bone cancer. So sad. We reconnected with our old friends (she was sister to hubby's best friend's dad), and got to see those we hadn't seen in a long while. It was a beautiful service. <... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:11:58 EST Feb 16th~Cabin Fever Well I am not sure Cabin Fever is the right term. Just reached a "I cannot sit here and do nothing" point. So off to the kitchen to make Banana Muffins and clean up a bit. An interesting dance with Heckle and Jeckle. Finally leaned them against the counter since I was just standing there. Got the... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:11:07 EST Getting Ready To Up My Game Starting to up my game , adding strength training Monday along trying to increase my walking on the thread mill. Wish me luck. I need the support, will up date my process. <em>554</em> <em>362</em> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 23:10:40 EST 2/16/19 Quiet day at the Hook abode. Took Margaret's car in for service to the dealer (because they treat her like a female and try and say things are broke that aren't) and it was a perfect day. Got in at 9:20 and was out at 10:00. Did some shopping with her, and then did some house cleaning. Made a... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:42:54 EST Another Home Improvement Day My son came down to work on my Honey-Do list again today and brought the oldest and the youngest of his kids with him... they were SO cute, and while their daddy sweated over installing a new ceiling fan, they totally endeared themselves by begging me to read to them... It’s my favorite thing to ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:39:33 EST I lost more weight, and faster than intended. Our WL Leader, Ellen, congratulated me for losing more weight, than the 5% intended. SP, then, suggested I share it with the community. So, here it is. I started the Blog and, then, it disappeared. So, here I go again: <BR> I had knee surgery last month, which was not an easy feat for this lady. ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:32:50 EST SHORT BLOG FOR SATURDAY I have taken a rest today and tomorrow. Trying to rest my shoulders and wait for Tuesday to come for the Ultrasound. Monday is Family Day for us and the United States is Presidents Day. Have a blessed weekend everyone. I can't do any more typing than this. I did try to keep in contact with m... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:32:10 EST Wii Fit Ordered the Wii fit and adjusted it so was compatible to our HDMI HI-Def tv... 40mins at the gym yesterday, 27 mins on the wii, AND worked an overnight.... <BR> spent 40mins on it today, also (roughly 275-290cal). <BR> <BR> Really hoping something works... also ordered wii plus cuz it has games ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:28:44 EST Some weeks are beyond stressful <BR> THIS WAS A ROUGH WEEK . MONDAY AT WORK I GOT A PHONE CALL THAT MY MOM WAS IN THE ER WITH A POSSIBLE STROKE. SHE WAS IN FOR THREE DAYS, LOTS OF TESTS, NO ANSWERS, THEY ONLY HAVE MEDICARE SO THEY WILL BE DROWNING IN MEDICAL BILLS FOR A WHILE. WE TOOK MY FIL W ALZHEIMERS DINNER AS MY SILS WERE... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:27:28 EST Saturday’s Words to Ponder <img src=""> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:17:00 EST #670 Mega church Had a picture that didn't come through. The words are "Sure I know my body is a temple~~~I'M just a mega church". <BR> <BR> Have a wonderful evening and Tomorrow a beautiful Sunday. We have a chance of rain tomorrow with a cold front coming in. The past couple days have been quite warm and sunn... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:15:57 EST ~~~ 775 days ~~~ As of today I have logged into Sparkpeople every day for 775 days straight. <em>40</em> <BR> Even I can not believe it. Other than my 30 year marriage , I have never been this committed to anything. <BR> <BR> Thanks to my team The Lovely Limes and my sparkfriends who keep me ha... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:13:43 EST Half price Valentines Day candy So I have a habit, and it's a VERY bad one. In fact, the habit I'm about to share with you in this blog is my very worst habit. It leads to nothing but unhealthiness and regret. I have had this habit as long as I can remember and I am well aware what drives it. It is driven by a two headed m... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:01:52 EST Plan B I got so mad at myself a few weeks back. I would gain a few pounds to lose a pound. I changed my diet back to the Flexitarian Diet which is mostly plant based and very little meat. It has worked in the past for me. But you lose weight slowly on this diet I wanted a faster loss. Emily our warrio... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:54:58 EST "S" stands for sleep! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> I was thankful for a fairly calm Saturday. Helps that it started late due to sleeping in so less time to have indoor storms! Here's my day: <BR> <em>338</em> Playful dogs woke me up <... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:46:53 EST Settled in for another long week Again snow tonight and again on Wed. and then again on Fri. it is going to be a long long week. But I have plenty of groceries and lots to do. I'm ready to start putting the quilt together. All the pieces have been quilted and just need the sashing. I should have the quilt part done tomorrow... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:46:09 EST Motivational quotes of the week Here is an early version of my weekly email going out tonight. This is mostly a re-cap for people following the daily blogs this week. I hope you are having a good weekend! We watched the first half of the famous comedy The Blues Brothers last night and will probably finish it tonight. I can'... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:41:15 EST Assisted Chin & Assisted Tricep Dip - Headache The Assisted Chin & Assisted Tricep Dip uses weights to counteract your actual weight. <BR> So, at 120 lbs, I used 85 lbs to offset my real weight to do them. Now I can do them with 70 lbs to offset my real weight. So in reality I am only lifting 50 lbs of me. <BR> I keep trying 55 lbs but it ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:36:13 EST Just had to share this... <link><BR>deos/2095317624077977/UzpfSTEwMDcwNzY3<BR>NjcwODI1NjoxNDQ2NDcyMjc4Nzk4NDQ5/ </link> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:32:32 EST Week 366 ... MB 150 ... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Hot days and warm breezes, Beauty has her routine now and is waiting at the gate for her hay and cool veges and now we have added her muesli. It is funny to watch her running from each pile to the other and back again. <BR> <BR> It seems to be cool veges, muesli and ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:31:36 EST Retreat Day I spent the day on retreat. <BR> The speakers were excellent. <BR> Time for prayer was appreciated. <BR> 3 of my sisters and a niece were also there. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:26:13 EST Losing Streak <img src=""> <BR> 5 weeks! I am so excited! I hope to continue it for a long time! I wasnt down as much as I hoped ...down is down! I am well on my way to my year end goal... and working to step up my movement again th... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:22:22 EST Home from texas Walked and ate correctly Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:19:03 EST No Loss But Great Week I didn’t loose this week, but I gained so much more at work. An office bully will be leaving. I let her into my life and had a hard time severing ties. <BR> <BR> Now with my position at work becoming better, I feel that some of my stress will be going away. <BR> <BR> Now I need to concent... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:12:41 EST Change <img src=""> <BR> I am limited on exercise. My appetite changed after the surgery where some days I feel like eating others I want Carnation milkshakes all day so I am staying apart of SPARKPEOPLE by making jokes. I ho... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:53:15 EST Day 56 - lost and found So, yesterday evening, one of our two cats ran away, but we only found out this morning. Whole family in panic mode, canvassed the neighborhood, printed lost cat fliers, ran them around the neighborhood, some 6000 steps in on the way.....following which we had 2 neighbors call and report t... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:51:59 EST Walk I got to walk around the block with my walker and my poodle Candy. I reversed my course though, for a change and it really confused my 16 year old girl!!! She kept turning around to walk back home our usual way, but halfway through she figured it out!! It was a fun walk!!! Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:51:50 EST Quiet Saturday for me I woke up sick yet again... got it from my granddaughter... she is in my room so much.. I just keep getting her germs.. no matter how careful I am.. lol especially when she sneezes in my face.. <BR> <BR> Ended up just have tea and toast...and sleeping on and off all day... sigh... <BR> <BR> NO... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:50:51 EST I wish Day 2 of tracking my calories and exercise. I alternate between a longer elliptical cardio day and a strength training day with less time on the stationary bike after. I track using myfitnesspal because it has barcodes and it's easier to add premade food or whatever. Anyways it's easy to input th... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:39:28 EST Enough room for a beer. I tracked my calories and have saved enough to enjoy a beer. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:35:26 EST CAR SHOW We went to the car show today. We saw several that we like. Now we have to do a lot of research on them before going forward and looking and driving. I have been checking out different sites on the internet for over a month and I have seen some information on some of the models we were looking... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:32:47 EST February 16, 2019 Happy Saturday! <BR> <BR> My mood has been absolutely awful today and the sun was even shining! Ugh. <BR> <BR> I let myself sleep in and actually managed to get 8-1/2 hours of sleep. I got up and got my workout done. Mike left the house while I was doing my workout and I thought that he had alr... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:31:22 EST 2019 Goals Cold freezing rain before dawn. Burned a lot of calories in yard work today, back killing me. Just got out of very hot shower. May get heating pad. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:26:07 EST Cooking I am loving cooking from scratch and making healthier meals. Learning techniques and loving gadgets! Tonight is Fish tacos Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:01:45 EST Head in the Clouds Literally - It was an extremely foggy hike in Jefferson National Forest today. <img src=""> <BR> Hidden Valley Lake was truly hidden. <img src=" Sat, 16 Feb 2019 20:01:37 EST Saturday One of the drawbacks to volunteering is the chance of catching a cold from one of the clients in the wintertime. I am no exception. Although I have fought valiantly with chicken soup and vitamin c and plenty of fluids, the Bug is winning for now. So it will be an early night for me, and I'm hopin... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:43:34 EST Here we go! Gosh it’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged on spark! So last time I blogged I mentioned I was pregnant. ( this came after losing 70lbs!👏🏻🙌🏻) Well that little peanut is now 3 yrs old!!! So much more has changed since then! When boy #3 was 10 months old my hubby took a career change and went... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:42:14 EST Strike three for our weekend! We got hit with strike three today. Ed came in this morning asking if I felt cold. The temperature dropped slowly and we finally realized that our heat was not working. Fortunately, a near neighbor is a heating and ac specialist, so Ed went down and he came to check things out. We need a new moto... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:40:48 EST Bunions and Hammer Toes I'm writing this blog for anyone that is interested in the surgery for Bunions and Hammer Toe. I know that those that might be considering this surgical procedure or if you are just interested. But it comes with a warning. It has pictures that might upset some people. If you are one of them, s... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:39:43 EST Or in My Case, Health <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Still not a lot of strength. End should be in sight though. Viruses generally last 7-14 days, So I'm thinking the worst of the crud should be over mid week. Being so weak does kinda make me ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:38:44 EST I am grateful for, 2.16.19 1. My babies, because they remind me of the importance of creativity. <BR> 2. Craigslist, because it reminds there are options. <BR> 3. SLeep, because it was much needed. <BR> 4. Lumosity, because it’s fun and helps my brain. <BR> 5. Getting the address, because it calms my nerves. <BR> 6. Flower... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:31:17 EST One of those weeks! Power outages, snowfall, limbs down, nothing new around WA in winter! But 19 ins. of snow is about 3 days, that is one for the books! Then came the dig out, which really hasn’t ended yet, but the light rain is helping lessen the snow drifts in its own way! We actually saw sun yesterday for awhile... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:29:00 EST 2/16/19 Almost all green today but will miss floors, miles and active minutes. Came up short by 1hr of achieving my steps per hour goal sitting in church and in the car on the way home. Will have over 13K steps for today but with my Charge3 being at 42% going to charge it shortly. Plan on at least achiev... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:28:07 EST Eating healthy It may seem hard to eat healthy...I have always read labels on all the food I purchase...and have to's not quantity its quality and making sure to hit all food groups. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:27:07 EST MOVE Finding the FIBER! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Finding fiber in our diet, session 6. Understanding fiber soluble and insoluble, and complex versus simple carbohydrates. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://phot... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:15:00 EST Day 34 Ugh... Went way over in calories tried to be good but went to a all you can eat buffet and the desserts area got me. I was good at the dinner part itself and I got a drink. Blah. So frustrated with myself. I know that I will bounce back but still really mad at myself about it. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:00:09 EST 2019, Day 47: Just Joined a Gym! Haven't had a gym membership in probly 20 years...Paul and I used to go faithfully, but we got tired of the crowds and of getting held up by running into people we knew, etc. But Jamie has been bugging us about wanting to join, so we did a little scoping and found out that there's a great little... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:53:34 EST A good message. Hey all.... I want u all to know I’m here for anyone who wants, needs support just click the little friend guy in the upper right hand corner... I may not post on your page but I will and can post things here everyday to everyone if I see your post on the feed I will comment or like let’s all do ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:49:44 EST Update I have been sticking with my logging my meals and exercise. I have been working out 4-5 days each week except when the weather doesn't permit. I will occasionally do a walking workout video at home, but prefer the routine of going to the gym. I have lost 15 pounds overall. I am hoping to lose 35... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:40:24 EST Megan is back! Got Megan back and Michelle I am picking up at 10 am tomorrow. <BR> <BR> Had a good day. Got laundry done and ate a little more than I should have. But got my monthly period tonight and that might be why. I'm off by 200 cal today. I guess that is good when I am down by a few hundred some d... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:38:26 EST A Beautiful Day In MI And Life Is Getting Wonderful Again!!!! Just a short blog tonite because I am TIRED!!!! <em>102</em> But it is the BEST tired I have been in probably a year and a half. <BR> <BR> I was inside today and just basically sitting around and bored. It has been so cold here and our whole driveway as well as the whole property itself was... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:36:51 EST Shopping Spree Yesterday I realized that I couldn't fit in the majority of the clothes I own, so, being tired of my usual black jeans, I went shopping. <BR> <BR> Bad news: I didn't realize that, since last spring, I gained a size... ouch! No wonders I felt that I have fewer and fewer clothes that fit! <BR> ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:25:57 EST Life is <img src=""> <BR> Life is what you make it! Your choice You decide We achieve what we believe! Until tomorrow Keep on Sparking! Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:21:56 EST Saturday...thank heaven, the snow is slowly melting! <img src=""> <BR> Looking out the front door. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> Looking outside from the Great Room and seeing the trees mostly... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:10:48 EST 2/16/19 Saturday Back in 2015 I was still obese and my PCP advised me to lose some weight else I was going to lose my feet. That was the last straw because I knew a man to whom that happened, so I decided I really needed to get serious about losing some grams. Towards that end some exercise was required, but I c... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:55:59 EST Sitting here pondering.... Sitting here pondering... <BR> Pondering all I have been reading and learning in the last two months. <BR> Since I have so many health problems and now adding Diabetes to it. <BR> This is all so overwhelming. I am trying so hard to stick to the calories and carbs that have been set by my Dietici... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:50:31 EST Whirlwind. It’s been a whirlwind of a summer fall and winter. Husband broke his back on Bella’s birthday at the trampoline park in August. He’s been off work since and I had a major health scare that started on Halloween and is continuing. After an Ultrasound suggested cancer I had an MRI and then they foun... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:43:47 EST Lost some; gained less I stood on the scale this morning as I do every morning. I am not sure if I want to annoy myself or challenge myself. It works both ways. Since starting this process at the beginning of the week, I lost 3 pounds, but this morning I managed to put on a pound. So grand total for this week is ne... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:42:56 EST Added more and I will achieve them all <img src=""> <BR> Added more exercises to my crazy life but it's for me and I need this they all start out small and add everyday not much to begin with but add it with my hour ride on my stationary recumbent bike and ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:27:15 EST My least favorite part of winter <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> … is the ice. I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has slipped and fallen on this week’s ice. Thankfully there’s nothing broken except my conf... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:16:00 EST What a Relief I am hopeful that the tide may have turned on the extended battle with the low WBC and fatigue. <BR> <BR> I am not entirely sure why the WBC has improved. It is likely a combination of things. It seems that increasing the dairy, especially raw dairy, and increasing the dose on a couple of supp... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:14:48 EST Birthdays Just sailed through 12 parties! Survived this social feat without any gains or losses. I'll take it! Done with the BD Parties for another few weeks, anyway. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:12:39 EST Didn't Move Quickly Enough The phone rang this morning and neither of us could get to the phone fast enough. It was the sleep center calling regarding my test results. It sounds like I may have tested positive for sleep apnea again and need to schedule another appointment. <BR> <BR> I listened to the message and called ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:49:48 EST Did I did a mini workout today Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:44:45 EST Radical <img src=""> <BR> <BR> It starts with you, love warrior. Are you brave enough to be on your own side, let go of old opinions and bitter nonsense, actually move toward the very hardest thing today? We can go together. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:39:57 EST Proud Been a very good day today. Among mostly bad days and months. I've finally had a good day again. Don't get me wrong my family makes me happy everyday, but when you suffer from anxiety, depression, and self esteem issues, life gets pretty rough. With my husband unable to work steady due to a neck ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:25:05 EST Motivation mo·ti·va·tion /ˌmōdəˈvāSH(ə)n/Submit noun <BR>the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. I am struggling to stay motivated to move more and eat better. I know all the reasons I need to, why isn't that enough to push me? Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:19:28 EST My Goals!! Good afternoon! Happy Saturday!! <BR> <BR> I'm feeling pretty positive today about getting my goals started. I am: <BR> <BR> *Drinking 8 8 ounce glasses of water daily <BR> *Getting in 10 minutes of exercise daily <BR> *Giving myself a 5 min. pep talk every day <BR> <BR> They are small goals a... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:16:20 EST Finally went under the knife... Well, I did it. 7 long years and I finally did it. Almost 6 months ago, and I am down 70+ and 105 pounds from my highest weight. Contacted 4 different hospitals, went to 3 orientations in 2 cities and received a packet of papers via mail from one because of distance. Good thing I had learned how ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:15:23 EST Growing Your Own, Try It You'll Like It One of the things I enjoy about becoming more aware of and watching my nutritional intake is fresh vegetables, particularly locally grown organic vegetables. During the spring and summer in our area there are lots of "farmers markets" and "farm stands." Of course, most if not all of these places ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:15:15 EST Day 47: Snow is Coming Back <img src=""> <BR> <BR> "Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen." (Author Unknown) <BR> <BR> Hello my lovely friends! <BR> <BR> It looks like we are having the calm before ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 16:00:51 EST I will turn 60 tomorrow Not sure how that happened so fast. <BR> This time a few years ago I weighed 353 pounds. <BR> Last year it was 314 pounds. <BR> Today is 224 pounds. <BR> I am working very hard to improve my health. My body has been working against me lately with all the different aches and pains, but I am st... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:54:10 EST Saturday afternoon I continue to do squats, leg lifts, hip extensions, hand weights, and my trusty basement stairs. <BR> <BR> Yesterday I experimented with French Onion soup and it turned out pretty darned good. I did not make my own beef broth, but using those sweet white onions really made it almost exact... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:51:00 EST Saturday went to church for a Valentine's luncheon. we had a nice crowd, and it was a fun time for those who could make it our. hope your Saturday is going well. <BR> <BR> <BR> Blessings Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:44:53 EST 2/16/19 - workin it Did 3 class back to back. YET me. Zumba, Body Class, Core. Feels good and I wasn't entirely exhausted afterwards. Might go out tonight for a cousins bday, but not sure yet. That's why I did soo many classes in case I cheat tonight. We shall see. I will try to be good and not drink and eat much or... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:42:56 EST Saturday Good Afternoon Fellow Sparkers! I am posting later than usual because I was spending some time with the kids today. We had fun at the playground and then a nice walk even though it’s a little chilly. Here’s to a sparktastic day! Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:35:55 EST Feeling happy I am super excited! Lost 8 lbs so far seems like everyday I lose 2.6lbs and I'm loving it! Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:35:12 EST Day 17 ... Dindi the dog! My beautiful dog is resting on a chair waiting impatiently for me to take her for a walk. She truly loves to run so I try to walk her in areas where she can be off the lead. She plays this game where she will stand stock still while I get a good distance ahead and even sometimes out of sight behi... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:31:43 EST Words of Wisdom <img src=""> <BR> "You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." 🐛 Wishing you a Sparktacular Saturday. 🦋 Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:15:55 EST Stress Had a stressful few weeks. Last couple of days I didn't track because I couldn't bear to see what I ate. Hopefully the stress will go down so I can be healthy. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:12:59 EST Week 14 Weigh-In Blog (Still Moving Forward) Starting Weight: 281.8 <BR> Last Weigh In: 275.2 <BR> Current Weight: 274.2 <BR> Weight Lost This Week: -1 lb <BR> Total Weight Lost: 7.6 lbs <BR> <BR> I thought I'd post my weight even though I didn't exercise or eat mindfully this past week and was off track for the past three weeks. I di... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:10:36 EST 2/16/19 workout Swimming: 300 free warm up 4x25 free, stroke count 4x50, 4x100 free sprint 10x200 free, odds: build, evens: 3 dolphin kicks out of each flip turn 2x500 free, mod pace 200- 50 back/50 free 200 free cool down Total: 4400yd Core: 4x25 crunches 2x60s planks 4x25 leg throws 2x60s streamline Sat, 16 Feb 2019 15:06:38 EST Tranquility Peacefulness is an inner sense of calm - it comes from <BR> becoming still - in order to reflect and meditate on our inner <BR> wisdom and receive answers. A peaceful heart is one that <BR> is free from worry and trouble. It's becoming quiet so we can <BR> look at things quietly in order to mor... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 14:47:26 EST Stretching and Working out I am starting a new routine of PiYo and get in shape and limber to get in and out of the Hot Tub. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 14:46:45 EST Fall Forward ~ Food Addiction De-Talks for R&R (Recover & Restore) Fall Forward ~ Food Addiction De-Talks for R&R (Recover & Restore) <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <em>87</em> Whoopsie Daisies! Crashed & burned over the holiday, and ignited that insatiable, voracious physical appe... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 14:43:52 EST Birthday Card Creativity Just sharing two cards I made for two special ladies who share a birthday today at our church. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> <img src=" Sat, 16 Feb 2019 14:28:50 EST February 16th I'm watching a series of programmes we've recorded about the Red Arrows Display Team.... absolutely incredible. Such dedication and commitment, something we could all do with (to a lesser degree of course) in our efforts to achieve a healthier life. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 14:28:13 EST Floundering but Hopeful Well, when I began, I was highly motivated for reasons of health and appearance, but I seem to have lost momentum somewhere around the 7th month. Right now, having gained back between 7 and 10 lbs, I'm trying to reimmerse myself in the positives and get going again. SparkPeople has been great for... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 14:20:29 EST The food, the exercise and the Chiropractor - Chapter One Hello. I want to start by saying I'm not going to use this blog just to tell you of my weight lose I want to cover my whole story, I hope it can help me focus, help my mental health, and find peace in my life. Maybe things I touch on will resonate with others and we can discuss them. Because w... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:55:42 EST im back i have been away for a really long time. well i want to try again to get healthy. i need friends to help keep me on track. wish i cud find a buddy for walking. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:43:36 EST Goals accomplished I have not been able to drive. Today I drove to the grocery store and to the mall and got a walk in. First time I have done either since late last summer! Woohoo! Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:38:31 EST My first long walk since 30 September After 3 months doing a minimum 10000 steps a day, life got in the way on 1st October and I haven’t had a good long walk since then until today. <BR> <BR> 5 minutes from home and the promise that winter is leaving <img src=" Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:26:38 EST Daily inspiration and Birth verse for February 16: Daily Inspiration <BR> There is a purpose for our trials and burdens just as there is a purpose for the joys and wonders in our lives. Lord, grant me Your peace as Your plan for me unfolds. <BR> <BR> A Time to Think Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever the attitude of... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:24:11 EST almost skipped class This morning at about 4:15 am I woke and couldn't get back to sleep. I hate when that happens especially when it is a morning that I can sleep later than my normal 5:45 am on weekdays to get son off to school. So I got up instead of tossing and turning. I was up about an hour when I started fe... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:09:07 EST Slow and steady 179.6 Goal is to be 179.0 or less for 1 full week straight. At 0/7 of that goal Atkins induction Goal is 3 x 12 oz water a day. I need to go slow on this habit bc it’s hard for me. Today’s exercise will be at ymca on treadmill. Heading there now! Have a workout buddy today so I will be accounta... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:06:03 EST What the.. I got a bit off track but I started again yesterday with 30 min of cardio and 1126 calories. I'm trying to stick to whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and mostly nonprocessed. I will go shopping today to get some more stuff that is easy to make if I am just lazy. <BR> <BR>... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 13:02:13 EST Entry #564 I've found something I really dislike about this iPhone. Not sure it translates to hate quite yet, but I can see it getting there. I am so very much not a fan of knowing which keyboard I'm going to see when I open up an app. The Android system seemed to have a global setting, sick that when you s... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:45:53 EST Feb 17--> Feb 23 Feb 17--> <BR> <BR> Feb 18--> <BR> <BR> Feb 19--> <BR> <BR> Feb 20--> <BR> <BR> Feb 21--> <BR> <BR> Feb 22--> <BR> <BR> Feb 23--> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:41:48 EST Eyelid surgery update It's now been a week since my eyelid surgery (eye lift or blepharoplasty) and the eyes are healing well. I go in Monday for the remaining stitches to be removed (about half have dissolved on their own). <BR> <BR> I did have a bit of a bump on the 14th when I spent a long day out in the weather.... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:31:32 EST The Dog is Throwing Up!": Your Guide to All Things Dog Vomit <link><BR>9/features/Guide-to-Dog-Vomit_21516-1.<BR>html?ET=wholedogjournal:e328049:907308<BR>a:&st=email&s=p_Grabbag021019 </link> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:27:19 EST Yes. <img src=""> <BR> Always.. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:26:40 EST Saturday Exercise complete and bank statement complete. Went to see Miss Saigon with my darling daughter last night in downtown Cleveland and it was amazing! Off to run errands with my DH now. Have a lovely Saturday. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:23:02 EST Motivation for today The strongest aren't those who are always winning. They are those who never give up when they're losing. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:08:46 EST 16th February Well, today's Action for Happiness prompt blew me away! It was 'Call a friend to catch up, and really listen to them" <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> The first friend who came to mind this morning is dealing with... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:07:37 EST PIZZA & STRESS So worried today about going to dinner with our friends. A childhood friend and I are taking our other halves to Inky's. Inky's is a pizza place in the neighborhood we grew up in and enjoyed often growing up. It is some of the best pizza I ever had!! The men have never been there so we are so exc... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:06:22 EST Thank God for Today😁 <img src=""> <BR> Some of the saturation from all that rain is lifting! And so is my "Gloom". Got the morning walk in, now for some house work😀without the chill factor! Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:05:15 EST My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 197 out of 365 days...Fairy Gardens While I lived in Lacrosse, WI area for 7 years, my favorite thing to do was to go visit my friends homes to see how they decorated. <BR> <BR> Based on my love for photography, I loved what 3 friends did. One put up all over her walls many size photos of her and her husband when they met up un... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 12:02:49 EST Sun & Saturday <img src=""> Saturday and the SUN IS SHINING. woo hoo, at least until later when the next winter front comes through. Gosh, it is just one wave over another one. It seems like every week end and then again Tuesday ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:58:06 EST On the merry go round Round and round I go, I continue to “ bounce” up a couple pounds then down a couple pounds. It gets so exasperating..maybe I should do like a friend of mine does and weigh once a month. Today I also read in the news paper that diet drinks for women in menapause cause strokes and heart attacks acc... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:50:17 EST Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh My SparkPeople Premium Coaching Community Task for today is to write a blog about things I can do now that I couldn't do before I started this journey...and since I'm still recovering from the concussion I suffered a month ago all I have been focusing on these last four weeks are the things I sud... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:46:00 EST Lefou, I'm Afraid I've Been Thinking..." 02/16/19 ...a dangerous pastime!" <BR> "I know..." <BR> <BR> (I'm a huge Disney fan...and that's probably my favorite part of "Beauty and the Beast" (the animated Disney movie). This really has nothing to do with today's blog...) <BR> <BR> <BR> Yesterday, I wrote that, in re-starting for the umpteenth... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:44:24 EST Good week this week I under my calorie limit each day this week. Today is probably going to be an exception, but my plan is to try to stay within 200 calories of my upper limit. I decided that today would be my cheat day, and a strawberry toaster strudel would be my cheat food. <BR> <BR> I logged 277 fitness minut... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:43:23 EST Saturday Morning I was up early getting ready for Church later this afternoon. The sun is shining on the gulf coast. We are expecting some rain later today. It is a great relief to have the tax season over for us and the cardiology visit behind me. Keeping focused for more success. Thanks to all for the enco... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:41:28 EST Breakfast <img src=""> <BR> Love it, steamed veggies with basted eggs, I added hot salsa. My FAVORITE breakfast, I also had 1 slice of bacon. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:38:26 EST Quantiy of food is important. I recently started looking into cookbooks that address the problem of cooking for one or two. <BR> To me, recipes like this are important for quantities. John and I eat very healthy, but clearly we eat too much. <BR> <BR> In looking up a recipe for two quesadillas, the recipe called for onl... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:28:54 EST 2019 SATURDAY WORKOUT PUSHING HARD hey sparkers hope all are doing ok had great workout saturday workout pushing hard squats abs arms floor exercise and my body getting stronger that is one of my NSV for the week and feeling better belly disappearing loving it and helping my stress level what are you all doing to help your stress ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:26:42 EST Sidelined and resting place Yesterday was an eventful day. School went well, the kids were great! My cough, congestion and wheezing finally went me to the doctor after school. He loaded me up with antibiotics, prednisone, heavy duty cough syrup, and a brand new inhaler. Said it not better by Sunday night, chest x-rays on Mo... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:26:01 EST Prayer Power According to God’s Word – 10 Have you ever prayed without seeing results even though you have faith? <BR> <BR> “And Cornelius said, ‘Four days ago I was fasting until this hour; and at the ninth hour I prayed in my house, and behold, a man stood before me in bright clothing; and said, ‘Cornelius, your prayer has been heard... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:21:26 EST Second #6 week goal Today is the end of the first week goal. Happy to say I actually lost 2 lbs this week. I am going to continue as planned for the remaining of the 6 weeks and see how it goes. Starting weight 182.5 Todays Weight 173.5 Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:16:58 EST Grouch <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Do a Grouch a Favor Day <BR> Do a Grouch a Favor Day is a day for doing favors for the grouches in our lives. Maybe they are our neighbor, a coworker, part of our family, or a stranger we meet a... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:15:16 EST 2/16/19 One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love. Sophocles Quote of the Day <BR> It's always too early to quit. <BR> Norman Vincent Peale <BR> <BR> Love Quote of the Day <BR> I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love. <BR> William Blake <BR> <BR> Art Quote of the Day <BR> The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination. <BR> Richard Wr... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:12:11 EST Saturday It is kind of a lazy Saturday morning. Slept in a little and got my littles breakfast. Then a yummy healthy breakfast for momma. Hubs is taking his mom home after her being here all week. The sun is shining but freezing outside. Waiting for more snow later today. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:07:04 EST I am going to start exercising! I lost 35 lbs just counting calories a couple of years ago. My husband surprised me with a treadmill yesterday. I love it! This Louisiana weather is too hot to walk during the summer. Can't wait to see with this upcoming year brings! Sat, 16 Feb 2019 11:00:42 EST Day 33 Arrived to vacation. Went to a fast food place did my best to stay in calories. Ready to enjoy some relaxation. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:54:56 EST I’m back! After some time away , I am back and will be trying to regain a healthy lifestyle I have been trying to eat remotely healthy but it is a challenge I have been utilizing the rules of Atkins But can’t seem to shake the soda pop That’s a big challenge for me Also trying to create some workouts... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:48:16 EST Happy Saturday <img src=""> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:42:00 EST Consequences Due to a lifetime of choices I find myself with the diagnosis of stage 3b chronic kidney disease. Reading, researching and praying led me to a referral to a dietitian. She was so encouraging. Encouraging me to reconnect with SparkPeople. I had forgotten what a blessing it is to me. Already benef... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:38:04 EST Do a Grouch a Favor Day <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Date When Celebrated : Always February 16 <BR> <BR> Do a Grouch a Favor today. Do it and make the world a better place. <BR> <BR> Everyone has been a grouch at one time or another. Some people... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:34:21 EST FIRST 2 BITES I have had a team assignment from 100 DWL looming over my head for several months now. We were instructed to choose a favorite food (desert was given as an example) and focus on all the details and tastes of the first 2 bites while appreciating the flavors. After those 2 bites, we were to stop ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:26:37 EST Watching a new TV show - Miracle Workers- preview Good morning; waiting to hear from DS if my darling grand daughter is coming. We have not heard from him yet. We are going to see my other grand kids today and babysit. Who knows what is going on there. He told me yesterday his wife told him she can get a divorce with out him even signing the... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:22:00 EST Saturday Humor <img src=""> Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:20:09 EST Pleasantly Surprised. So I have picked Saturdays as my weight in days. A lot of people seem to pick Mondays or Fridays it seems. But I picked Saturday. <BR> <BR> Why? <BR> <BR> Well in my mind Saturday is the end of the week not Friday. It can also help me keep on track over the weekend because I know Saturday mor... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:18:16 EST February...still February is my worst month. Day after gray day, minimal sun, lackluster attempts at being active. <em>576</em> <BR> <BR> While Lucy and I did get out for a 1.5 mile hike through our neighborhood this morning, that is more the exception than the rule. Just don't have a lot of motivation th... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 10:08:59 EST Winter Challenge Success ! I have learned, for me, to make something work in my plan to eat healthy and exercise more, I need to persevere, long enough with a new eating or exercise plan, until it becomes a regular habit. You need to stop and think about your plan before you eat. It takes time to figure out how to approach... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:55:55 EST My weight loss struggle <img src=""> <BR> Oh my word! I just did a Long blog and deleted it.. but anyway I'm starting over.. I just feel like I want to vent this morning just to share my feelings and if you have anything to share with me I ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:51:58 EST Learn to let things go... <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I saw this on the community feed this morning. Talk about timing. I woke at 1am and tossed and turned until 330am. My mind was all over the place. Things most people would think is silly to ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:47:27 EST Start of my day Sometimes I get off to a great start and sometimes it goes south thruout the day. Really need motivation. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:46:58 EST Yesterday was a battle I slid backwards yesterday. The depression won. I stay strong for everyone around me and it was finally too much yesterday. I indulged in crap I knew I shouldn't and although I don't physically feel bad I do mentally. I just keep telling myself everyone has a bad day and it's time to start moving... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:41:55 EST I don't remember asking your opinion.. Woke up at 330am last night and was up for almost two hours.. not agitated, just couldn't sleep so I found myself perusing social media - my chat group for the meet up next week and connect. reading, commenting, liking, etc.. I finally fell back to sleep into a rather deep sleep and awoke at the ... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:39:24 EST Living Healthy After I decided 2 days ago not to diet anymore, or to try to lose any more weight, I realized I've been ON a diet for the last 17 years! Now I feel immense relief that I'm not obsessing over calories or my weight. A huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders, and now that the pressure of dietin... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:38:53 EST My first blog ever!!!!!! So this is my first blog ever and I'm kinda nervous. I have no idea what to talk about. I have so much to say with all my ups and downs but to shy to say it, and I would like to talk to some one but who? So I figured I would start here. I am a single mom with a great support system. I love my kid... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:37:53 EST Change is happening Every thing is a process so we are laying the foundation. The detective has gone to other county precedents on their procedures and addressing our county with my concerns. Beginning locally at the awareness level can still impact other’s going forward. From the very beginning we have been told t... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:36:26 EST Daydreaming of Spring! <img src=""> I am not a fan of Winter! I’m staying in today because I can’t handle cold weather. I will keep myself busy with housework and SparkPeople! I can’t stop daydreaming about Spring and new life...hearing bi... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:35:10 EST Saturday February 16th, 2019...10,000 steps a day for 100 days, I said NO to movie popcorn! Oh how I love Saturday mornings......slowly awake, I usually try to make it where we have no where we have to be, today is one of those days. It's just a relaxed, chilled out moment in life that I take full advantage of and soak every moment of it up! I hope you can have the same kind of moment... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:28:46 EST Happy Saturday ... I wish everyone a wonderful day !!! I'm going to have one !!! :) <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! <BR> <BR> You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:28:45 EST Hello Diabetes Hello Diabetes. It happened. My invincibility shield is gone and I’m finally paying the price for not controlling my weight. It’s not like I haven’t tried, but I get so tied up in battling depression and the stresses at both home and work that food was my comfort. <BR> <BR> There were certa... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:25:31 EST Snow, taxes, and life <img src=""> <BR> <BR> The last few weeks have had snow but fortunately no more than 6 inches each time it snowed. Currently the snow is almost all gone once again. The cold has been very frosty, as low as -10. But th... Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:24:51 EST 3 things left to clean <img src=""> <BR> Mop kitchen, scrub toilets, sweep one bathroom. That is all that is left from yesterday's deep clean. It was so beautiful I had to take the little guy to the park and get some fresh air. Sat, 16 Feb 2019 09:23:27 EST