''I'm Beginning a New Journey Now''

Christina (CFOSTER1966) lost 97 pounds and says she started this journey to become healthier and to ward off the complications that come with obesity. She has maintained her weight loss for the past 18 months. Find out how she did it!

Christina Before Christina After

What were some of the challenges you faced when you entered into maintenance mode, and what did you do to overcome them?

My biggest challenge was (and still is) learning that I have to eat this way for the rest of my life. Now that I am maintaining, I find myself making excuses to have unplanned free days or meals. I am overcoming this by keeping on top of how I feel when I eat something unplanned and keeping an eye on how my clothes are fitting. So far, I have been able to bounce back fairly quickly and I am finding that it gets easier with time.

Are there any strategies you currently use to help you maintain your weight loss?

I continue vary my calories and exercise regularly. I also still track my food and exercise on the Nutrition and Fitness Trackers. I also have a weight range of 5 pounds. When I am getting close to the upper range, I buckle down and stick with my plan until I reach the lower end of the range.

How has SparkPeople helped you maintain your weight loss?

I didn't find SparkPeople until I was close to my goal weight. But once I found it, I used every resource I could to help me lose the last few pounds and keep them off. I use another program to track my calories but I do use SparkPeople to track my fitness. I really like the Resource Center articles and Message Boards to help keep me on track.

Do you have any advice for someone who's about to reach their goal and enter into maintenance?

Remember to continue with the plan. There really isn't an end to the journey you have been on. It's just the beginning of a new one.
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Great, Congrats! Report
Thanks for sharing this article,🌠💫🌟Kee
p Sparking! Enjoy your Saturday!🌟💫🌠 Report
This is highly motivating. Thanks for sharing it with us. Report
Great testimony and more moving on a second reading! Report
Congratulations on your weight loss. I feel that maintaining is harder than losing. We need to find that balance that will keep us where we want to be for the rest of our lives. Report
Great story Report
thanks for sharing Report
A good simple article that can easily motivate others. For me, I need to stay faithful to my commitment to succeed in achieving my goals. I set realistic goals that I can achieve without putting myself in stressful situations. Stress will most likely result in giving up. Making it a habit to log in everyday, participate in teams and using the tools provided by SP helps me as well.

Trailtrodder Report
We each begin a new journey each morning! Report
Congratulations on your weight loss success! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Congratulation. Report
Congratulations, Christina! You look great, very inspirational. Report
Love your Testimony - thanks for the encouragement! Report
I love the last line where you indicated that you're never really "finished" with your journey, it just transitions into a new phase. Yup! So true but I must say, it caught me by surprise.

When I entered maintenance, I was thinking... "maintenance = done". So not true. My personal reference to what is known as "maintenance" is "maintenance/lose
", not just maintenance. Being in maintenance has been a real doozy on my mind. You lose, lose, lose and feel so rewarded when the scale/inches are decreasing and then when you enter maintenance, nothing. On top of all that... after getting so use to seeing the scale go down, down, down, you start to see it go up again. "What the heck is going on here" is what I thought. Even though I read that in maintenenance, it's common for the scale to bounce up and down by a couple of pounds, to reach maintenance and then experience this is no fun. But... it's just how our bodies function. However, it really takes some getting use to. I'm learning how to not panic.

I know my comment is long but there is one other thing I must mention that no one talks about regarding maintenance. I call it "maintenance plateau". Hello! I really did not expect it at all. Okay, so I'm up by 2.4 pounds and trying to get it off but the scale hasn't moved in 3 weeks and I've actually been exercising a little more than the norm and eating within my old "lose weight range". I think I've lost the 2 pounds gained but the problem is that I'm experiencing "maintenance plateau". Yea - another thing that is no fun. However, the biggest thing is that I am getting use the new world of maintenance and all that comes along with it.

Knowlege is power!

I'm gaining knowledge and the power to succeed through the various maintenance challenges. Woo-Hoo! Report