The Best Swimsuits for Every Body Shape

If you’re like most women, swimsuit season isn’t your favorite time of yearBut every body is beautiful and deserves to have some fun in the sun. Whether you’re full-figured, small-chested, straight up and down, or have some extra "padding," you can find a swimsuit that fits comfortably, flatters your figure and makes you feel absolutely fabulous. Strut your stuff this summer with these eight flattering swimsuit styles that are both fashionable and figure-friendly.

Pear-Shaped Swimsuit Ideas

The Playful Push Up

Because pear shapes carry extra weight on the lower half of their bodies, a push-up-style swimsuit will create the look of a larger bust, creating the illusion of symmetry to balance everything out. Look for cleavage-enhancing bikini tops, bandeaus or one-piece suits that add a little bit of extra oomph. Some styles with ruffles up top can make it look like you’re two cup sizes larger than you actually are, creating a balanced, hourglass figure!

This suit from Adfolf features a twist-front sweatheart neckline and a ruched bodice for a flattering silhouette.

Image courtesy of Amazon
The Fabulous Fold Over 

Many pears are bootylicious babes who sometimes need swimsuits that have more coverage across the hips, thighs and butt to help conceal extra curves (or just feel comfortably "covered"). Your best bet: the fabulous fold-over bottom. This swimsuit separate will cover up your booty completely and draw onlookers' eyes upward rather than focusing on your bottom and hips. Wear a bandeau top with this type of swimsuit bottom, or a one-piece bandeau for even more coverage and balance between your small top half and full lower half. 

This fold-over bottom from Jones New York can be paired with a variety of tankini tops to create your own unique, flattering look.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Apple-Shaped Swimsuit Ideas

The Wondrous Wrap

If you carry extra weight around your midsection (commonly referred to as an "apple" shape), look for a fun wrap swimsuit to create the illusion of a toned tummy. Just like a wrap-style dress, this type of swimsuit will create the look of a cinched waist, drawing attention to your strong legs and curves.

This ATHENA one-piece halter suit features a flattering wrap style, as well as angled straps to make your waist look smaller. 

Image courtesy of Amazon
The Very Sexy V-Neck

Want to really flatter your figure, you lovely litte apple? Try a V-neck swimsuit style! This type of suit not only offers added support up top, but it will also help draw all eyes upward and away from your tummy. Want to really feel your best? Find a V-neck swimsuit that has some ruching around the midsection for added camouflage.  

This LAPAYA V-neck suit pairs a dramatic plunge with pin-tuck details around the straps and a very flattering shirred bodice. 

Image courtesy of Amazon


Hourglass-Shaped Swimsuit Ideas

The Lovely Lift Up

Though hourglasses have curves that every woman seems to envy, they typically need some added support when choosing bikini tops. One great option is a structured suit with soft molded cups or underwire. This feature will give your best assets a boost, and have you looking and feeling more confident as you run, jump and play on the beach. 

This underwire tankini from Fantasie provides the extra support you need.

Image courtesy of Amazon
The Coveted Classic

Because your hourglass body is already symmetrical, you can get away with wearing a timeless one-piece swimsuit with a print and even ruching details. A one-piece will highlight your tiny waistline, thicker straps will add support where you need it most and your curvy bottom will stay covered.

This Seafolly Women's Goddess Boyleg suit offers retro styling paired with flattering ruching and supportive straps. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Rectangle-Shaped Swimsuit Ideas

The Ravishing Ruffle 

Lucky you! Rectangle shapes can wear just about anything and still look fantastic. Though straight up and down, your body type can get away with wearing bikinis, bold prints, one pieces, halters and more. One of the best things you can do to create some feminine curves is to pick swimsuits with ruffles and ruching. Pair ruffles up top with prints all over or just on your lower half, and you’ll appear to have a bigger bust, curvier waist and rounder bottom.

This ruffled mesh tankini from Mazu adds girlish ruffles for feminine curves. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

For a Little Extra Coverage

If the high-cut legs of traditional bathing suit bottoms make you feel a little overexposed, fear not. There are lots of great options these days that provide added coverage without sacrificing style, no matter what your body shape.

To add a little more fabric to your tankini bottom, check out this adorable Herosky skirted bottom.

Image courtesy of Amazon
For a super flattering one-piece option, check out this Zando swimdress with tummy control.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Swimsuit season doesn't have to be a source of stress every summer. When you choose the right suit for your body type, you can feel cool and confident at any size.
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Sad rerun of magazine artickes we’ve all seen in the dentists waiting room. Count how many readers here point out the disconnect between the body and suits pictured here. Plenty of plus size models around. And no mention of shops where suits are custom made. Then we all can enjoy a swim. Report
Sad rerun of magazine artickes we’ve all seen in the dentists waiting room. Count how many readers here point out the disconnect between the body and suits pictured here. Plenty of plus size models around. And no mention of shops where suits are custom made. Then we all can enjoy a swim. Report
All these models all have the SAME SHAPE!!!!'s called PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!!

Thanks for these great looking bathing suits! Report
Thanks for the great information! :) Report
Here's a free tip. SP should already know about advertising a clothing line that reflects real life. Not everyone is a size 2 Report
yes I agree there are some nice suits her, but the title says for every body shape & all you show are very fit & young models. Very disappointed Report
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Some great looking bathing suits! Report
Need to use models who have the body shape described so we can see how the swimsuit helps. What about a suit for those of us over endowed on top? Most suits are for B cups. Report
... article very informative... often wondered what suit style would look best on me...i now have something to work with when i shop...
06/23/18 Report
Use the bodies of overweight women. These swimsuits do not even match the body types your talking about Report
I really never look at these articles cause there are no "flat" chested models. After having a double mastectomy swim suits are no longer in my closet. Tank tops and shorts work just fine. I'm a 23 year survivor so that's what's important to me. Report


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