Bootcamp: 10-Minute Cardio Kick Workout

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This intense 10-minute cardio workout is a great way to fit in exercise when you're short on time.

Member Comments

Love the workout. Report
Love your workouts! Report
I like this workout. I still can't do more than a couple of burpies, but I did what I could and kept moving the entire time. Report
this is great Report
This is a great cardio exercise. I have enjoyed this workout for the last three month. A lot of caloric burn in a short amount of time. Report
Hello Everyone!! I hope your day is wonderful!! great video, however I need some work Report
Finished the video for day one :) Was difficult to keep up, but I'm working on improving that! Report
Day 1 - for the second time. It's a while since I did this Bootcamp and I have shown myself today that I certainly need to do again. Found it SUCH hard work!!! Expecting/hoping to improve with time. Report
Day one. Boy i am out of Report
Day 1, Week 2. Report
Really enjoy repeating Day 1 over and over as part of my daily workout routines. It gets the heart pumping. I am on day 5 but each day I repeat each workout in the week I've completed to the present. Report
Just joined the 28 Day Bootcamp Challenge. Day 1 accomplished. Felt really good. Report
Although, it was a 10 min workout I certainly felt the burn, and my heart pumping. Great cardio. I definately will have fun with this goal:)
Great...and fun! I am older (65), but really enjoyed this video. I had to modify some moves, but that's okay! Will do it again! Report