Bootcamp: 10-Minute Lean Legs Workout

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Work your entire lower body in just 10 minutes!

Member Comments

Great video. Report
good workout - can feel it!
Love these videos Report
That was pretty easy, but can tell that I should be doing it more than I do! Report
Wow the whole thing was tough on me but worth it Report
The stretches at the end of the workout were amazing. Report
That definitely worked my legs! Report
My right leg is definitely stronger than my left! Report
I have such issues streaming these videos! I wish I had a better internet connection! Report
Really hits my major trouble spots - inner thighs. Report
Toughest workout so far. Whew. Report
Boy those legs are still tight. I thought they were stretched out but the new leg cross stretch showed me different. Got to work them more. Report
Great leg workout! Report
Not easy, have not done an exercise like this in a while, will need to do more often. Report
Nicole is the best example for these exercises because she is so believable in the world of exercise for those of us that can't go to "the gym"! I have worked out all of my life, but now have some strength and health issues, and have to exercise at my own pace and when I feel strong enough.
Thanks Nicole for your hard work. You are helping alot of people through Spark. Report