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10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout


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Great workout video
Good workout
I enjoyed doing this cardio workout. I jotted down the workout on paper & did it at the gym Thanks Nicole!
Love these videos
This is a good workout. I didn't quite get it like coach but I did make it to the end.
Great workout!
It was hard on me but marched in place most of the time
hard on the knees and hips
Perfect for traveling
I think I can do this video! Have a Fun-Filled & Blessed Friday!
This workout is great. Exactly what I was looking for. Hope to incorporate it into my work day!
I did this in my office on coffee break. I did not expect to get so sweaty, and I'm sure my co-workers thought I was crazy... lol

Perfect for small spaces!!
Thanks for this workout. Good for exercising anywhere. I definitely did the low inmpact version. I can do this even when watching Tv or I've been sitting to long.
I really enjoy Coach Nicoles demeaner, it makes working out seem ok. I have significant heart issues but need the exercise, so I am able to do the easier ways and feel ok about it. Cant wait to be allowed to do more :)
What is the fascination with high-impact aerobics?
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