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9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout


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I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with the nine minute seated upper body video. Lately when I click on it. Nothing comes up but a grey screen with a bulls eye (like) target on it. Any ideas on how I can fix the problem or who I can contact?
Awesome workout!
Thank you for being here in video format. i have stuck with this w/o and your core w/o and I have lost 8 inches total around my body. Thanks for the guidance. I needed that.
Being confined to a wheelchair, this is great to build up my upper body strength. Thank you Coach Nicole.
It would be a good idea to write this workout down, in case you do not have access to internet sometime. Don't let that be an excuse to NOT w/o.:)
I was able to increase my weights today. Felt good!
Does anyone know what size weight Coach Nicole is using in this video? And is there a safe weight limit. It seems like more than 5 lbs would not be good.
I broke my foot about 5 weeks ago and still haven't been able to put any weight on it. I found this video and have been doing it almost every day, I love that I can still be a little bit active while I am having to sit around and wait for my body to heal!
Second time I've done this work out - really feel it working.
Awesome workout. I am starting with 2 pound weights. Easy to do while you wait for a page to load or read an article.
Wow that was great! Started with 5 lb and needed to downgrade to 3lb, but feel good about the awesome sequence and clarity of the video. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for, a compact, manageable workout that has challenge but is DOABLE no matter what. I really appreciate your limiting it to upper body....with bad knees, this felt like it was made to order! Thanks spark people for getting me started again!!
Increased to 2 lb weights. Felt good!
completed again! I'm only using 1 pound weights and I can feel it. I get tempted to go higher in poundage but I'm not going to. If I can both FEEL it, AND DO it, I will more likely STICK TO it, and get results. Right?
My favorite video !
I love this video! I don't have dumbbells but I have 4lb. weight balls. Worked great!
Completed again. :)
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