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9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout


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This was great to at my desk at work. Thank you for the great video.
This video is exactly what I was looking for as I recover from a broken leg. Thank you Coach Nicole and Sparkpeople! I suggest people start with a 1 pound weight and work up to more slowly. No weights? Use a filled bottle of water in each hand!
I would like your advice regarding how heavy the dumbbell should be so that i can get better results in shorter time
This was a great workout. It felt right - not too hard to do, but hard enough to feel like it would result in progress. I pinned it to do it again. Thanks!
I would love to get rid of these angel wings, hope this exercise will help .
These are obviously great exercises for my condition but the weights I have are too heavy (4kg). I will buy some lighter weights and do these regularly. Maybe I will work up to 4kg eventually.
first da and i could do this but i had no weights
Very nice, I'll do this one again.
nice to know
Great workout. Did it standing up. Interesting bicep curl, never saw that cross curl before.
Great to start weight training.
just got through with breast surgery... like this set without weights... please give me the correct calorie burn without weights... please include more videos where no weights or bans are used... for people like me thanks
Thumbs up!
I loved this exercise I really hurt my hip so this is the answer to my exercise routine. At least I can do something instead of sitting around all day.
I loved this workout! This might be the answer to my prayers in helping my back and shoulder pain.
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