The Bikini Workout

Summer is just around the corner, and while it’s synonymous with relaxation and fun, for most people, it’s another source of stress! Short shorts, arm-baring tops, and the dreaded beachwear come to mind for most. And if you’ve still got a few—or many—pounds to lose you’re probably not as excited for the season.

But don’t worry! There is still plenty of time to shed a few more pounds before you go shopping for your bathing suit. If you’ve read "The Bikini Diet" you are probably ready (and determined) to drop the extra pounds and have fun doing it. But, by combining the diet with a new exercise program that will rev your metabolism and keep your energy high, you’ll see even better results!

Changing up your workout routine regularly (usually every 4-6 weeks) is the best way to prevent a weight loss plateau from ever occurring in the first place. So if you’ve been doing the same old fitness program for a while now, The Bikini Workout is a great way to change up your stagnant routine. Always remember to warm up and cool down properly each time you work out.

Strength Program
Strength training is essential for losing weight and staying fit. It helps you build lean muscle, which boosts your metabolism, plus it tones up those problem areas. Choose one of the three full-body workouts below (you can also print these and add them to your Fitness Tracker), that fits your fitness level. 

30-Minute Beginner Bikini Workout
40-Minute Intermediate Bikini Workout
45-Minute Advanced Bikini Workout

Repeat the workout 2-3 times each week (be sure to rest 1-2 days in between). For extra calorie burn, work in a "circuit," moving quickly from one exercise to the next in order to keep your heart rate elevated. Change up the workouts as you get stronger, moving from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced over time. This will help you continue to see results!

Cardio Program
When it comes to weight loss, increasing the duration of your workouts can help you see results faster. The good thing is that all of that cardio doesn’t have to happen in one long session. Adding up several shorter segments throughout the day results in the same benefits, so find time wherever you can—during your lunch break, after dinner, or while watching TV.

Try to accumulate 45 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week (or more if you’re an exercise veteran). Select from any of the workout options below, and try to do something different each day.
  • Find a hilly area to walk outside (or increase the incline of your treadmill between 4% and 10% depending on your current fitness level). Walking uphill tones the leg and butt muscles and burns more calories than walking on a flat surface.
  • Try interval training outdoors. Run or jog one block as fast as you can, then do a recovery walk for the next block, and continue this pattern.
  • Take your dog for a walk, or play tag with him at the park.
  • Jump rope! Start with short 30-60 second intervals until you can increase your endurance. Jumping rope intensely for 10 minutes has about the same calorie burn as jogging for 30 minutes.
  • On those cardio machines, increase the workload (level, incline, speed) to burn more calories in less time.
  • Go on a bike ride with your family.
  • Clean the house in record time. Heavy cleaning can elevate your heart rate to an aerobic level. Make as many trips up and down those stairs as you can, and try to rest as little as possible to stay in the aerobic zone. The same goes for yard work.
  • Try a new group fitness class such as kickboxing, Spinning, or salsa dance!
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Member Comments

What a great article to get ready for the summer! Report
Thank you for the article. Report
This is assuming that you have no physical limitations and can walk, run, jump, etc. For those of us with back and/or knee problems, that's not going to happen. Report
Do you have a body? Then you are ready for the beach. (Don't forget the sunscreen!) Report
What's with all the fuss about going to a Beach, wearing next to nothing, big deal. If you can't catch a guy doing that, should you give up with your life? What's the point, unless a person is looking for a job late at night at a nightclub, I suppose..........
..just seems funny in 2015. Report
Not a bikini, but a little black dress I can do. Thanks for the workouts Report
OK, I CAN wear a bikini. Now why would a 67 year old grandmother of 6 teenagers WANT to wear a bikini? Report
Great workout, but the thought of me in an "itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini" is the stuff of which the scariest sci-fi is made.... Report
There's a pretty great graphic floating around on facebook as a meme. It says something to the effect of "Want to get a bikini-ready body? Go get a bikini. Put on the bikini. You now have a bikini body."

Seriously. We ALL have bikini-ready bodies. Stop believing that you have to meet someone else's standards to wear a swimsuit! Report
Not ready for a bikini yet. Report
Ha, nm figured it out. Newbie. Report
I wish I could save this on here somewhere. I'd love to be able to return to this article! Report
I will most likely try this when I am below 135 lbs. so yeah... Report
This goes out to kellykjk everyone who has ever had the extra skin dilemma has had surgery to tuck the skin in but until that becomes free I may have some solutions that could help tighten up a little for ur arms try the shake weight for everything else apples help tighten the belly a splash of lemon in ur ice water will help with any cellulite n tightening also last but not least white tea u can drink it bathe in it n they even have a hemp lotion with white tea....although these may not solve the problem they will help. Report
This is a good article and will help with losing a couple pounds, however I have a whole new dilemna . . . I have lost a total of 70 lbs and it seems that my 45 year old skin just doesn't want to cooperate with me wanting to wear a bikini . . . loose and saggy, yuck!. What's a girl to do??? Pretty sure I'll look fabulous in a wet suit, though!!! Report


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