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Safety Tips for Nighttime Exercisers

Because You Can Never be Too Careful


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Good article. I like to stay in after dark regardless, so if I'm caught late without a workout, I'll just do one inside the house. Stay safe everybody! Report
Great information, Thank you Report
Good article. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
great info Report
these are some pretty good tips actually Report
Another point: NEVER trust a car with back up lights on.! The driver does not want to run over you, but it's really hard to see everything behind. All that driver might do is if in a hurry, take a quick look behind and take off. If you're in the way, BANG! You're dead! This applies to day or night, parking lots, on streets, anytime, anywhere. Ive had a few close calls that i ran to get out of the way. Report
Great advice. Thx Report
Great tips. I never leave for an evening walk without my reflective vests and wrist light. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Always good to be cautious. Report

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