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How to use the Elliptical Trainer

A Fun, Low-Impact Cardio Option


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Ehh, I've tried ellipticals (they seem to be the standard piece of cardio equipment at most hotel fitness centers.) I don't like the movement -- makes me feel as though I'm waddling. Although I'd use one if there were nothing else available, stair climbers and exercise bikes seem to suit my physique better. Report
I really enjoy using these. There are 2 at the gym at my apartment. Report
Tks so much for the tips Report
Thanks Report
Excellent Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Good article. Report
thank you Report
I'm eyeing one right now, I miss my old one! Report
I have a question. Is it better to stay on a lower level, but run faster on it, or be at a higher level, but run slower? Report
I love my elliptical machine. I use mine when I cannot go for a long walk. When the weather is bad or just to hot or cold I can sill get in a great work out without killing my knees and hips. Report
Hello! I can do 45 mins easily on my home elliptical. I use a proform elliptical with moving and stationary and moving handle bars. I don't push myself too hard or I'll quit. This is the only equipment I keep in my almost sedentary lifestyle (that im actively working on changing!) and I will slowly add other stuff to my routine as time goes by. My daily goal is to simply burn 400 calories on it. so that's about 45-1 hour for me.

@Jenn240308 - You are not alone! I get numb feet too! I haven't found any solution to this at all except pedaling back or slowing down. Report
I agree when I use equipment sp say different than the other equipment I use Report
i ove the elliptical as well, with my bad knee and all. here's the question though.

My ellipticl says I burned 184 calories
SP says I burned 304

That is a big difference. who's closer? Report

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