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Strategies for Salad Bar Survival


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Thanks Report
thank you Report
Interesting Report
Finally a good article! I love roman lettuce 6 cal per cup. :D Skip the dressing put on a small spoonfull of cottage cheese instead! Report
Portion size is inversely proportional to calorie density Report
Great tips! Report
I've been doing Dr. Berg's YouTube videos on how to eat for your body's nutritional needs. His videos and this chart teach me he knows what he is talking about! Report
This has some really god take-aways. Report
Good artkcle. Report
even thought we know there are hazards on the salad bar, reminders like this help us navigate around them. THANKS ! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Great information... I try to stay away from creamy salad dressing and mayonaise based salads. Report
Good article. Report

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