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Include These Ingredients in Your Lunch to Stay Energized


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Thank you for the information Report
Some very helpful information Report
good ideas Report
It's so important to keep to the 20 min. rule. Eat slowly putting down your fork between bites because it takes 20 mins for your stomach to get the signal from the brain that it's full. Report
Nothing like walking around work, patting my belly and wishing for a nap 'cuz I've got The Itis. *lol* I'm also notorious for waiting until I'm getting lightheaded to finally go to lunch. Whoops. Report
Dark chocolate works. Report
Thanks Report
I agree with comments about whole grains-- pretty much reserve my carb intake for healthy vegetables and eliminate grains when I can Report
Great info that all of us should know, Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Coffee! Dark Chocolate! YES! Report
Good suggestions. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
I chiefly concentrate on lean protein and low glycemic veggies, and fruits. Seeds and nuts. Whole grains at lunch put me to sleep. Report
Good to know. Report

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