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6 Ways to Silence Your Racing Thoughts


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Thanks! Report
Trying to quiet my racing thoughts is difficult. Thank you for sharing this article. It helps. Report
good advice Report
If I have trouble sleeping, I do meditative breathing. Concentrate on breathing and I usually drop off. Report
I ALWAYS keep a pen and paper on my bedside table. I write down what I have remembered that I forgot. I also write what I need to do and any other thots that are keeping me awake. THEN I TALK TO THE SHEPHERD; he can help me sleep in HIS PEACE. Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
There is a reason I reread this article, I needed to. The clear, concise suggestions resonate with me. I’ve long been the person to write down the thoughts that are making sleep elusive. However, I’ve missed the critical piece of scheduling time to think on them and take them to court during the day. Brilliant. Focusing on solutions or the viability of a solution even being possible is huge. Deep breathing...a game changer I often forget to remember. Maybe if I got more sleep...ha. Thank you for this article, I needed it. Report
Thank you Report
thanks Report
Thanks! I have needed this advice for the past 3 months. Maybe now I will have the tools to sleep better. Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Thanks for pointing these out. Report
A great read! Thanks! Report
Good Stuff Report

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