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The Surprising Factor That Could Lead to Weight Loss Sabotage


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Just say Thanks and change the subject. Report
It's not others compliments that derail me, it's what I tell myself. It's all about our own personal narrative. Report
Great information Report
Good to know Report
I agree with JIACOLO,I am my worse enemy! Report
I am definitely my own worse enemy. Thanks for this info. Report
Exactly what happened to me. Live & learn. Report
Call me nutzy, I like compliments.:) Report
I welcome all positive compliments about my weight loss. I have worked very long and hard to improve my quality of life and appreciate the compliments. Report
There are people, especially gym members who will always comment on your ( mine) weight, and ask questions, like how much did you lose ? I do feel uneasy when attention is called to my appearance, but if someone says, wow, you are strong! It’s very welcome. But I have a 20 pound weight range and am sensitive to scrutiny. Sorry, but I feel it’s rude. Report
Great advice Report
Good article. I really appreciate any examples of healthy conversations since I have a broken verbal filter. I am learning slowly how to appreciate the compliment as it is hopefully intended, just a way to make you & the giver feel good. Positive and healthy are still my goals more than weight loss. as long as my clothes fit and I feel good, I consider that a win. Report
Well~~I really do NOT understand sabotaging one's self because they were given a nice compliment! And the statement that said~~IF I look great did I look before??? WELL...before my weight loss I looked FAT~~I KNOW THAT~~ and I was grateful that people did not come up to me and say it!!

I will take a compliment any day~~AND it makes me determined to keep on going to my goal....The ONLY compliments I hate are when people say~~WOW you have lost a lot of weight...Good for you~~NOW don't lose anymore because you will start to look sick!! These do not sabotage me....they just make me want to slap that person!! LOL Report
Ugh, when did everybody become so sensitive??! I will HAPPILY take the compliments, praises about weight loss, and even whistles/catcalls. (Frankly, at my age, these bring a chuckle and make my day.) I KNOW I looked bad before -- I was 71 lbs. overweight; I looked OLD and felt unattractive! So I'm delighted when people notice the change and comment on it. That kinda was the point of the weight loss, after all. Report
Great article! I never comment on other people's bodies, and I prefer that they not comment on mine. The exception is in a weight loss forum like this, where we all face similar struggles and may post pictures that naturally solicit congratulations. Report

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