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Bring Dinner Back: 7 Reasons to Reinstate the Family Meal


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Nice article Report
Very useful information Report
Although my kids always feigned indifference @ family dinner, esp. in their teen years, that was the time we learned about what was going on in their lives. AND NOW my DS is teaching his son the same thing! Of course, my grandson is 5, so not into the "parents are brainless" stage yet! Report
This is one of the things we did right as parents, and I'm so glad we did. Report
great article Report
We have dinner at the table and NO cell phones allowed at table. other meals usually just me and sometimes I sit at table other times not so much just don't like sitting at table by myself. Report
My kids and I can't always have dinner together ( I'm a single mom and it's just difficult to get both shepherded to activities and also work a full time job outside the home) so I make it a point to have us eat breakfast together, even if it's just toast before school. I don't know if it counts like all the benefits listed in the article, but at least they know I tried. Report
I grew up in a time when supper time was a family affair, I'm so glad for that now. I see my kids with my grandkids, and the try to do it, but there is so much pressure on them. I just pray that they can handle it and give their kids what they really need. Report
Family meals simply mean making the family a priority, not teams, clubs, friends and neighbors. So obvious, so easy to change. Report
Great article! Report
Excellent article. Report
Very good information Report
We always eat as a family. Report
This is a brilliant article.I grew up with family dinners my husband didn't.I push way harder for them .I am showing him this article ! Report
I to grew up with family dinners every night. That was the time we talked and at together! I have done this when raising my children and I am doing it now in raising my granddaughter. No interruptions just enjoying good food and good company! Report

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