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Keeping Your Family Safe from the Cold & Flu

18 Germ-Fighting Dos & Don'ts


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Great advice Report
Good info. Thanks. Report
Excellent article! Report
Very good suggestions. Report
Excellent article, Good need-to-know information! Report
Our house in TX has absolutely no place to take off shoes and leave them. You would be lucky to live in the east and have a mud room though. Good tips for people who have never thought of many of there things before. Report
Some good suggestions Report
Great tips! Thanks for sharing. Report
She doesn't even mention Vitamin D. Getting one's Vitamin D levels up above 50 trumps every suggestion she has for preventing illness. Report
We do almost all of these tips. However, I can't seem to convince my DH to remove his shoes at the door. Report
I do a lot of this but I never think to clean out the germs in my car especially steering wheel. Thanks for the tips. Report
This is rarely mentioned regarding the flu vaccine:

1) It only covers you for 2-3 strains that the CDC predict for the season - they've been wrong the last two years.

2) Even if you get the flu vaccine, you can still be a carrier and spread the disease between others. Report
I agree that this is overkill. We need to live with germs to a degree. Sickness is a very rare occurrence in our house & we have dogs that go outside...with no ability to take off their feet. We don't have a "no shoes" rule or use a lot of disinfectant (we mostly stick to the natural stuff).

I'm not saying we're dirty or anything...we wash hands regularly, shower regularly, & do laundry after each wear of clothing. However, I'm not exaggerating when I say that one of us might get sick about once a year, and there are 4 of us. We have never spread a sickness among us & no one has any allergies. Maybe we're just lucky, but I don't buy into the "germ-free" hype. Report
This is overkill. This is actually a good way to ruin your immune system. Some things, like washing hands, sneezing into your sleeve, and putting the sick person in their own area is good, but most of these are overkill. Report
Changing your toothbrush after you have been ill & washing your hands are paramount after being ill. Prevention is much better though~ Report

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