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Sometimes I don't see the changes myself and I need to remind myself that there is a 54lb weight dif MICHAYLERS 144 SUNSHINE150
2/12/20 7:24 P
My husband and I want to be healthy! We have started portion control and drinking more water. I weig SUSANSISSOM 32 ZELDA13
2/12/20 5:31 P
Had a lot happen since I have been on here. I am a newly widow after 48 1/2 years. Need to work on m LGSEARS1 47 ELISHARENEE
2/11/20 5:19 P
I'm 50. Started at 330 5 years ago. Dad died, Fibromyalgia, heart attack, chronic fatigue and insomn LOVINGMYSELF101 113 FISHGUT3
2/11/20 5:05 P
I had a moment today in the dressing room at Norby’s. I found this amazing dress and jean jacket tha BEAGLEGIRL79 309 OSHAY58
2/19/20 11:37 A
Wahoo! Finally below 200. Second goal accomplished. Next goal: survive 3-week vacation with minimal BTINCHER2001 118 _RAMONA
2/10/20 1:46 A
Today was a good day. I stayed on track with food decisions AND I attended Jazzercise PLUS I climbed BTINCHER2001 2 HEARTMEND
2/5/20 10:50 P
Has anyone seen my motivation? I need it! DEWADDICTNOMORE 8 JERSEYGIRL24
2/5/20 11:59 P
My 90 year old dad. So happy to have been able to visit him in Florida. Sorry to have had to go ba NEEDBU66 25 KAWLIGANZ
2/6/20 12:31 P
Oh my, oh my..are there words...I'm speechless. MATTHEWP24 233 ARNETTELEE
2/6/20 6:45 A
Challenging weekend coming up - with a dinner party on Saturday, and the Superbowl on Sunday. I blew BTINCHER2001 8 BTINCHER2001
2/4/20 12:50 P
As of today I have lost 50 pounds! FIFTY POUNDS! That felt like an impossibility a few months ago an FASHIONROADKILL 104 _RAMONA
1/28/20 2:06 A
Having a hard time this week. Not seeing much progress in the last 2 weeks. These pics are 2 weeks NESSA5210 183 LDB122012
1/27/20 6:24 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 16 SPEDED2
1/26/20 10:37 P
Welp I can't complain I'm still down 15lbs...even if I'm busting my butt to lose and haven't seen th DEDICATED2ME32 16 CGARR442
1/26/20 10:30 P
#BeforeAndAfter Back BeGone HONEYLC84 39 KAY-SUPREME
2/1/20 10:11 A
Day 33 progress photos MAMACRUZ87 33 _RAMONA
1/28/20 1:01 A
The game trail has been pretty quiet lately...finally a coyote passed by! Nature...another reason I LOVENHWOODS 17 SPEDED2
1/26/20 10:49 P
One of my proudest moments. And I KEPT IT OFF for 5 years. I'm on a couple of meds that can cause AKELLY45 204 7STIGGYMT
1/26/20 11:01 A
Hi sparkers! What an awesome day it has been!!! I made breakfast for lunch and got a twin egg😍 That CHERIRODRIGUEZ 41 MRSMICHELLEMARI
1/24/20 8:34 P
I went shopping and didn't have to shop in the plus sized section! It's so weird to be able to brows MOONBEAR7 15 GRAMMY065
1/24/20 8:50 P
#FitnessFeats Five down, two to go. This has been a great way to get my butt in gear when I really d BTINCHER2001 3 GEORGE815
1/24/20 5:30 P
My super amazing completely vegan oven roasted tom WILDHUNTRESS 15 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:10 P
This is what I call a perfect nutritional goal. It took me weeks to finally obtain the closest to my WEBLIZARD 15 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:09 P
#FitnessFeat I rewarded myself for walking up and down FOUR flights of stairs by bragging to my hubb BTINCHER2001 8 PHATPAT18
1/22/20 6:35 A
I just listened to SparkGuy's motivational talk about the value of 10 minutes of exercise. It occurr BTINCHER2001 7 PHATPAT18
1/22/20 6:36 A
I am cleaning out closets it has been a while doing it but took boxes to recycling and two bags of BEELADY56 7 SISTERPRETTY
1/20/20 3:57 P
#BeforeAndAfter #9months #TrustTheProcess MSNIKKILMT 45 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/26/20 7:27 A
More 5/10 K activities in Sacramento BTINCHER2001 1 BTINCHER2001
1/19/20 6:20 P
My Stepmom made homemade Split Pea Soup last night for dinner. 💕 ALLYLIZZY 32 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/20/20 7:08 P
Completed #FoodFeats. Now I'm starting #FitnessFeats. I think this one will be more difficult, espec BTINCHER2001 5 BTINCHER2001
1/19/20 12:16 P
Whether it’s our obsession with (re)gaining our health, our spirituality, our humor, or the guiding DAD_AINT_HIP 25 NIKKINIKKI136
1/18/20 10:25 P
Trying this once again. Hope to stay challenged and lose lose lose SWEETTATOR96 15 HEALTHYLISA
1/18/20 7:18 A
Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad... It's what's for dinner 🍴🍴🍴 MRSMICHELLEMARI 33 HEALTHYLISA
1/18/20 7:17 A
#BeforeAndAfter AMBERHARDEN1978 66 RODRIGUEZ41508
2/1/20 9:34 A
I am no where near done with the weight I want to lose but, I decided to take a photo a week or so a BROOKEBUSCUS 56 RODRIGUEZ41508
2/1/20 9:37 A
A picture says a thousand words and I think this one speaks volumes. This is what happened when I da BEAGLEGIRL79 168 GRAMMY065
1/18/20 1:21 A
Results of giving up soda after 1 week. Used to drink only soda all day. Now I am drinking green t MRSPK6 19 FUTUREFOCUSED
1/17/20 9:41 P
Making my Friday productive! Having more fun with a sewing machine than any man will ever admit in p LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 26 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/23/20 1:19 A
1/21/20 7:41 A
This Morning I Reached my initial Weight loss Goal HONEYLC84 152 _RAMONA
1/17/20 1:36 A
#FoodFeats I'm doing it! Almost through a week of challenges. Yay me! #foodfeats BTINCHER2001 4 BONNIE1552
1/17/20 1:21 P
1/16/20 7:26 P
Get better, not bitter. PROMISE2DESIGN 42 _RAMONA
1/16/20 11:36 P
Week 2. Maybe see a little bit of progress? SWCOPE 10 GEORGE815
1/15/20 8:38 P
Winter time blues! The photos of beautiful salads look so good. But my body wants carbs and warmth. BTINCHER2001 4 BTINCHER2001
1/15/20 2:22 P
I made it into the 150s! STEPGEEK 75 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/19/20 1:59 P
Four down, three to go! #FoodFeats #foodfeats BTINCHER2001 3 BONNIE1552
1/16/20 6:07 P
Added an old exercise routine to my daily plan. Baton twirling and dance, which I enjoyed so much as 1BLAZER282005 18 FLPALM
2/12/20 9:27 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! So this is my accountability post! Yesterday was weig TEXASHSMOMOF3 193 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 7:43 A
Salmon and Perch with zucchini and mushrooms. Yum! #foodfeats ANTMAID81 25 BONNIE1552
1/14/20 11:34 A
Another day bites the dust! I'm motivated. 😁 BTINCHER2001 3 LIZZYMITCH
1/12/20 11:22 P
This evening I decided to eat a hamburger patty with no bread. Only the meat and veggies. #foodfeat ATEAMSIS08 3 BTINCHER2001
1/12/20 6:40 P
Obligatory first day at the gym selfie! And this w NESSA5210 31 GEORGE815
1/10/20 2:46 P
Two hour Rucksack Hump yesterday afternoon with #2 HIKEMOJAVE 14 JULIEA7201
1/11/20 1:22 P
About 10 years ago a doctor told me that I would be headed for a wheelchair before my 50th birthday SGDISIS 80 SUNSET09
1/10/20 11:26 P
Scrutinizing Nutrition Labels Is anyone else double-checking the nutrition labels on their food prod BTINCHER2001 9 BTINCHER2001
1/8/20 1:47 P
Happy New Year, fellow Sparkers! Those of you in central CA might want to check out the Sacramento S BTINCHER2001 1 BTINCHER2001
12/31/19 9:54 P
I got 10k steps from housecleaning today. ⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 37 KEEPITUP05
10/11/19 8:40 P
March 14-15, 2020 Shamrockín' Weekend BTINCHER2001 1 BTINCHER2001
10/4/19 5:58 P
Team Goals BTINCHER2001 1 BTINCHER2001
9/30/19 7:18 P
Never give up on yourself! 100lbs difference & a little over a year. So proud of myself. TASHADSLOVE93 98 TASHADSLOVE93
9/27/19 8:44 A
Good morning Sparkers! Off to my first official 5k KAS10001 24 GEORGE815
9/25/19 6:07 P
I did good today! I went to my exercise class after work at my job! It started today Monday and Wedn CD24115281 39 TMP0418
9/17/19 12:09 P
Posted a photo LOSTTHUNDER032 16 RAVEN145
9/17/19 1:42 A
2nd CrossFit competition under my belt, but first team competition! I am the one under woohoo to the SARAAMG 10 _RAMONA
9/15/19 5:30 P
Out door am workout. :) 32's selection of the day FREEDOMSKEY 23 ALLYSONBETH1
9/15/19 4:37 P
Today marks one year since I joined Sparkpeople. And if you had told me I would be where I am today TARDISGIRL1 178 GMAM48
9/15/19 10:07 P
I have spent the past two evenings emptying my late mother’s china hutch (and other random stuff she LESLIELENORE 21 1CRAZYDOG
9/9/19 1:35 P
10 pounds lighter, 2.5 weeks. Slept more than usual but feeling good😃! My photos look about the s SIMPLYFABB 26 JUDS012
9/18/19 10:43 P
I met my goal...90lbs lost. So proud of me. Long road...3 years losing weight slowly and healthy. N CLPAKELE12 98 EVANS1848
9/8/19 10:33 P
Posted a photo CHEYNESMOM948 22 CGARR442
9/5/19 6:55 P
9/5/19 1:26 P
#BeforeAndAfter Down -138 Pounds!! DJSTARRIDER 191 SLASALLE
9/1/19 8:41 P
On it! I've been having some scary health issues lately. Finally got in to the specialist I needed ROCKYCATSMAMMA 13 STAR135000
8/24/19 11:07 P