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Time For Another Milestone Passes!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I forget about blogging much...and I used to blog a lot. But this time I did have a gold medal moment!!!

Late last week John and I both had different appointments and they were in different cities, his was 25 miles to the west and mine was 25 miles to the east. UGH. I had not driven by myself since I came home from the long sepsis ordeal. But I decided it was now or NEVER!!!! Seriously, I knew if I didn't drive then I would probably never drive again by myself.

I got everything ready and John left about a half hour before I did. I still had time to cancel or postpone my appointment. My head was like a cartoon character having a fight with herself. But I WON. I got ready and oh so carefully got everything I needed to have and gave myself one last pep talk, I am an "older" (71) lady who has been driving since I was 16. There was NOTHING to be afraid of. emoticon I got in my truck and went. ALL the way there. NOT one bad incident! PTL!! I saw my dentist and he is happy with my progress as well so that went well.

Then I stopped by a Jeweler where several of my friends work and we chatted and finally I told them all, "Today is a milestone for me, for the first time in TWO YEARS I drove over here to see you all by myself. I then held my hands up, which were visibly shaking, and told them that it was the first time in two full years that very day that I had driven by myself (and only drove one other time with John in the truck). We all celebrated....but especially me. They all checked when I came home to make sure all was well....friends are so wonderful to have...and John was thrilled though he said he was sure I could do it. I almost feel like I never stopped driving now. But I actually never did love to drive because of all the nuts on the roads....but I know I can now.

I speak to a lot of people that have gone through rough times and we all have the same things in common but we have all made it. Remember that if something happens to throw you off your track, give it time and don't give up. I have read many sparker's blogs who have done the same and had the same results so, as the song says, "pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.'

That goes for our weight loss journeys too. I have been doing "ok" but not like I want to so I will definitely be working harder on that know because if I can drive by myself again, then I can get where I need to be again!

May God Bless us ALL!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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