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See this image largerSee this image largerChoices(1 comments)See this image largerWife and I on a little vacation.See this image larger50s night. A group of us went to the Varsity, Atlanta.(1 comments)See this image largerKicked back(1 comments)See this image largerMy race is in the books. 2nd place age group, 25:09. Great morning, 55 degrees & cloudy.(1 comments)See this image largerDinner was blowout, but I'm good.See this image largerMissed it by that much. My goal was 17 minutes. 3 hundredths of a second.(1 comments)See this image largerSitting in Dunkin Donuts, I got coffee, passed on the free donut. This coffee is terrible. Tastes like freeze dried. Guess I can go a few more years without DD.(1 comments)See this image largerWe were strolling along and noticed our son had fallen behind. He spotted this photo op.(1 comments)See this image largerStorm, lightning, tree, equals VBS in the dark.(1 comments)See this image largerWoke up in a strange bed, hit the hotel gym for the treadmill. Think I'll have map a course for my next run. Good morning from New Orleans.See this image largerI may have broken my tracking streak, but fitness is still on going. I've learned NOLA is a walking city and still getting in my runs plus working all day. I'll be sad to wrap up this job.See this image largerWell someone messed up the sound board at church when I was gone last week. The recording was lost and it took an hour to get it set up again this morning. Back away from the shiny object.(2 comments)See this image largerMy coffee delivery is right on time.See this image largerMy wife and I at Gibbs Gardens(1 comments)See this image largerLooking up, it's going to be a good day. After all, looking down there is nothing but a dirty sidewalk.See this image largerWill be meeting with family tomorrow for a Fall, Japanese Maple Colorfest. Family will brighten the picture.(2 comments)See this image largerPrepare for 6 inches and we get 6 millimeters.(2 comments)See this image largerOk, forget healthy eating for now. When in Savannah, GA. One must visit The Lady and Sons. Butter Ya'll! So goodSee this image largerWalked the beach today, kind of unexpected but fun.See this image largerBetween the rain drops we fun. In the rain Rena and I just made fun. That's how we do it. Life is good. After 7 hours in wet clothes it's good to be dry.See this image largerDefinitely not in Kansas anymore, or Atlanta. Don't see this at home.See this image largerThe trip is over and today I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the family and all they planned for us.See this image largerThis was 24 years ago yesterday. We had 10 inches of snow in metro Atlanta, GA. Wrapped in the extra coat my wife is holding is our 2 week old son. See we do get snow here. Tonight we should get down to 24 degrees. For the youngsters, that's a video camera on my shoulder. It once recorded video to a VHS tape and burned calories too.See this image largerSee this image largerLet's go run.See this image largerFinished my run, 7.5 miles. Now let's watch The Peachtree Road Race. 60,000 runners, 10k, Atlanta, USA.See this image largerRemembering all who lost their lives 16 years ago. World Trade Center- United flight 175 & American flight 11, Pentagon- American flight 77 and United flight 93- Shanksville PA.See this image largerSee this image largerWow, I was stunned by the calorie total for breakfast. I reviewed to find a favorite that came up wrong. This has been a favorite for over a year, so who or what blew it up? Has always be 30 calories. Hmmm?See this image largerTo all the veterans out there, thank you for your service.See this image largerSo my half went well. 1:58:56, not a great time but it was fun. Tickled to be under 2 hours. Finished to find my wife had taken our son to the ER. He is fine now.See this image largerJust try to go to the store today.See this image largerA bit disapointing I won't get my run this morning. The forecast for metro ATL was up to 3" turned out to be 3 to 10". Forecast flubb, again. But it's pretty.See this image largerI'm not one to look forward to Friday, but this has been a wild week. Today should be more normal, but it's not over yet.See this image largerThere it is. With this mornings run complete, I have tallied 800 miles. 800.7 to be exact. Still a few days to go, but I don't see hitting another miles stone. May you make your year end goals. Be safe in your travels this weekend.See this image largerGo into 2018 busting through any barrier that presents itself coming out the other side victorious. Make you goals; walk/run further and faster, make your weight. Get stronger, more tone and more fit.See this image largerFeels like early summer outside. 63 degrees for my pre-dawn run. Looking forward to cooler weather coming. Be safe in your last Saturday before Christmas adventures.See this image largerMerry Christmas to all. 11:10 and we are finally able to relax. Looking forward to an early Christmas morning run, a few gifts and family.See this image largerOne of the wonders of Christmas is the morning quite outside. It's the quietest the roads are all year. Folks sleeping in or tearing into gifts, preparing for family to come or to go visit loved ones. Another wonder is that a baby was born 2000 years ago, and still celebrated today. But to me the greatest wonder is that this baby was born to be a sacrifice for all mankind. Without that, there's no wonder at all.See this image largerMy Christmas; dark roast coffee, a special Brazilian coffee, 86% dark chocolate, dark chocolate coffee beans & wasabi peas. I'm so difficult to shop for.See this image larger2 glasses of water down, now coffee.See this image largerCan't blame the rooster. I forgot to tell him what time to crow. Now I missed my run, been behind all day. But the bright side, I did get 8 hours sleep.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Dug out this old photo of me riding my race horse. This was just before starting. I was 230ish. The recent photo is my being my own race horse in my half marathon, 170 lbs.See this image largerI set the alarm last night, so I'm up, got in a 4 mile run. So much better than yesterday. Thank you Lord for being there for screw ups like me.See this image largerAll set to run into the new year. Just finished updates to my 2018 running log spreadsheet. Tracks shoe mileage for multiple pairs; daily, weekly, monthly & of course annual mileage. Time, time of day, weather and route conditions.See this image largerI got my 'secret decoder pin' only to find this 'crummy commercial'. Fake Article!, for jenny craig. Next we'll be told to drink our Ovaltine.See this image largerPost run breakfast after 8.5 miles. Ham & egg sandwich, about 400 calories. Coffee is brewing. What more could one want.See this image largerSee this image largerFirst run of the year, 5.4 miles, 23 degrees with flurries. Could you asked for anything better? Busting into 2018.See this image largerIn closing out 2017, here is the report. 116h, 20m, 38s; for 821.49 miles; making a weekly average of 15.798 miles per week. I didn’t do the math, but I made my 800 mile for 2017 goal. But not the my goal of 16 miles a week. This time I did the math. My goals are 910 miles for 2018, averaging 17.5 per week. I need to work in something besides running, what I’m not sure. What else would I like to do? Hmmm.See this image largerSaturday started off well with a 10 mile run. By lunchtime all went normal & normal ruled the weekend. I accomplished all I needed to while keeping eating in check. Then PaPa John walked in last night, held to 2 pieces. This morning I started with 3.8 miles. Hearing about school closings for winter weather yet to come. Traffic was really light. Forget anything else today in ATL is all about the game. I'm good, got my track in line and soon to be over the normal and back to weird.See this image largerFrustrated, extended rest day. My knee is a bit sore, so against my want to I skipped my run this morning. Maybe 1 extra day today rather than a week tomorrow.See this image largerSee this image largerI'm singing in the rain. Let it rain, let it rain, open the flood gates if Heaven. Couple days off and went out for a test run. Knee feels good. Was only going for an easy 2 miles, but it was raining; so I did 3.8.See this image largerJimmy Pena posted a blog on PrayFit today about limits. We will never achieve more than that. But, will I strive to achieve my limits, or slack off? See this image largerTook a look and past them up. I just need to look, determine it's not in my plan.See this image largerThe ice has melted away so I did get a morning run. It's a quiet work from home day so here's to a minute break. Favorite herb tea.See this image largerTime to celebrate another Monday. I'm alive and kicking. I will not be defined by a day of the week. But I choose to define my day.See this image largerTuesday/Chooseday, what will you choose? Positive or Negative. Make or Break. I CHOOSE to face my challenges head on and come out on top. I will control my portions! I will stay within my calorie goals! I will get my workout done!See this image largerJust take one more step today. The road ahead may be long. There will be detours, breakdowns, road hazards and roadside stops. None of that means quit the journey. Just as in any travel you take, you push through to get to your destination. You can do this.See this image largerSee this image largerWho's watching? Almost 25 years ago I was given this coffee mug on my 1st father's day. It says, "Daddy, I'm proud to follow in your footsteps." It has always reminded me that everything I did was being watched and learned. So who's watching you? Many more than you realize. What you do, how you do it; you are someones example and teacher. What footsteps do you want them to follow?See this image largerSee this image largerRan into an old friend who I always know as a runner. I asked if he was still running. He replied; "Well, no. It's dark when I leave, dark when I get home....No, I'm just making excuses." I was caught off guard. But he noticed what he was doing. We all do it from time to time. It's so easy to do, but recognizing that we are is key. He did say he planned on a certain race this year. That was reassuring. NO MORE EXCUSES!See this image largerWell, I had pedestrian-car accident this morning while on my run. Came to a cross street and waited on traffic. 2 cars pulled away, the 3rd pulled forward. But stopped short of the line, I took of and ran into the back bumper. No damage to either of us.See this image largerPortion control is not about being deprived. It's recovering from over indulgence.See this image largerAbout as pretty as it gets after a 14 mile run. Feeling good. Consumed 280 pre & during run calories. Bring on breakfast.See this image largerDecision made & this is in the works. The worlds largest 10k. It's kind of a bucket list thing. 7-4-18, who's in?See this image largerHave to report tomorrow. I don't find it a problem or chore. Will pack a lunch & snack just to civer the day.See this image largerGot in 3.8 mile run this morning, breakfast, now waiting to see if I fill one of these seats.See this image largerExcused from jury duty, after 5 hours there was a plea accepted. Avoiding trial, think it woulk have been a few days. But home making turkey soup.See this image largerHere's a pic from long ago. That's a 32" waist I have there. The little guy turns 25 soon so my wife has been going thru old pics and sent this to me today, truth @KATBRUNNER . Ended up with a lot of dust in my eyes during lunch.See this image largerWake up (don't let your circumstances be excuses) and face the day morning run complete, 3.8 miles, in the rain @ 57°. The single lightning strike was inspirational. Mondays run was 26° but dry. Go figure.See this image largerGetting my worship in and work phase 1. Make today a great day.See this image largerSo this was his call, but I'm banging out 3.8 miles this morning in shorts & SS tech shirt this morning. Can't trust the groundhog or the weather people. Anyway, Winter Spring or Summer; I will go after it.See this image largerThis is me on a run day, but today is rest day. So sad. But I did get up to workout. I'm not that motivated for that before dawn. But it's difficult in the evening. So today got up and did it. It will help balance a schedule of sleep. Knocking down barriers. Hey, throw the ball!See this image largerHappy Valentines Day. Started with a pre-dawn run, shower & healthy breakfast. Then a quick exchange of notes with my wife, then off to the traffic jam. Work, work, break-snack & SparkPeople. Make it a good day for yourself, those that care for you will join in.See this image largerI gave it all today. Rain, go run. Set a new course to head to a park, running there of course. Getting home I still had some left, so onward. All said and done; 16.5 miles, 2:15:10. Cool down I began to feel unsteady on my feet, then began to cramp. Pineapple juice was big help. I done, and my wife is waiting for me to cook breakfast.See this image largerCelebrating 26 years married. She's the best. She sleeps through my long runs and waits fir me to fix breakfast.See this image largerTook an extra rest day yesterday after Saturdays long run. Went out for a lite 3.8 this morning, felt good on this scheduled rest day. They claim, "America runs on Dunkin", not this guy. I run past one looking at the morning rush and laugh. They may laugh at me, stuffing a donut in their face as I run by. Who knows.See this image largerI was awakened by a dream. Not a bad dream, but one that had me thinking of a new possiblity. I heard movement in the house, it was 6:01am. I decided to get ready to run finding it was my son getting ready for an early shift. Saying goodbye we walked out the door. The warm, moist air was a blast in the face. I started off as his taillights faded in the distance. It enjoyed a good run, dodging traffic at each intersection. Home safe, reflecting and preparing for a day off work.See this image largerOne more day, one more run; 3.8 miles. Feeling good. Getting late starts due to stacation this week, our anniversary. Pushing 80° this week all is in bloom, as you can see. Have a wonderful day Spark friends.See this image largerI am ready, the cooking begins in 1 hour. My wife gets home in 2 hrs. Anniversary dinner menu: Steamed jumbo royal red shrimp, grilled sirlion, mussels, steamed black pepper broccoli, baby carrots w/honey pecan & black rice. I bought a fruit & cream torte for dessert.See this image largerThis morning I took the Strava app for a test run. I returned home to find I burglurized several homes & hopped a few fences. I never realized the same sidewalk is on both side of the street either, go figure. Guess that explains why other numbers were off. Oh well. Also running later in the day I've been battling traffic headwinds. It certianly increases yhe workout. Tomorrow is Saturday, less traffic & long run. Know what, Life is good!See this image largerChurrascaria or simply stated, a Brazilian BBQ. But so much more. Just finished a wonderful lunch. Hot & cold buffet plus all the meat is brought to your table on the spit & carved off as you please. Chicken, pork, beef and several different cuts. I think I'll just log 2000 calories.See this image largerSo the last long run of Feb. is in the books. Only 9.2 miles, it's a party day. It's also time to close the book on party season. My wife is making brigadeiros. It begins in Sept. thru today, my oldest son is now 25. The whole family is coming over; food food, food. Hopefully some cooler weather returns, way to warm. But no matter what God has blessed us, and again we say, "Thank you, Lord."See this image largerBingo, a cool down. 44° for my 5am run this morning. Squeezed in 4.4 miles before diving into rush hour. 10:18am & having a wonderful day. Go get it people.See this image largerWithout the shades. I wrapped up Feb. this morning with 3.8 mile run. That brings me to 95 miles for Feb. Saw the silhouette of a deer crossing the road (safely) in the oncoming headlights. Even made my commute before the rain came in. If your Feb. did not go so well, tomorrow begins a new month; welcome March.See this image largerHeavy fog for my pre-dawn 3.2 mile run this morning. Made it to work, the sun is up & is fog lifted. It going to be a wonderful day.See this image largerWasn't playin' around, I wanted in. I enjoy watching it on TV every year. Not 2018. Bam, I'm registered.See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerOut of sorts today. Set out for a long run only to feel so awkward, not myself. I managed 4.4 miles, 35 minutes. Try maybe sneak in something tomorrow.See this image largerWell I guess introductions are in order. Allow me to introduce @SLYDES-BRIDE, my wife. She just joined.See this image largerBouncing back after a bad run on Saturday. There was no better was to, in the rain. Invigorating to get out before sunrise pounding the pavement and splashing in the puddles. Don't let one bad fitness episode cause you to hang it up. And surely, don't let rain hold you back. You can do it.See this image largerWoohoo! Two, 2 minute planks. The hard part is occupying the empty space in my head.See this image largerMy run this AM started well, great day, great weather & turned out like this. My knee was a little sore starting around mile 8 this would come and go. Suddenly 14.5 miles, less than a half mile from home sharp pain brought me to complete stop. Passersby stopped to offer me a ride. I limpped home, the pain eased. Right now it's wrapped and Advil is helping. Rest will be key for now.See this image largerWell I've been silent for a few days. Since Saturday's breakdown I tried a easy 3.2 miles yesterday. It went OK, but a little sore in that left knee that I walked the last quarter mile. Today I skipped the run and realized I'm actually running up the stairs 2 at a time, no trouble. Try again tomorrow to see how it goes.See this image largerAre you one of these 150 million? Change your password, change password on any other accounts where you used that same password, something you should never have done. Lock down your accounts, use strong passwords, 2-step authentication when available. Make up bogus answers to security question beacuse you've posted the real answers on facebook etc. Don't make it easy.See this image largerSo I've been hiding out, laying low while I gave my knee a rest. After 3 weeks I was starting to fit in with the crowd. Had my 1st run in 3 weeks yesterday. Felt so good, 3 miles, no trouble.See this image largerBeen busy of late. Work, eat and sleep has been about it. This is day 8 of the week and hopefully only 8 hours.See this image largerSo my running was halted due to my knee I did make a slow easy comeback. Yesterday @SLYDES-BRIDE and I went to watch our oldest and his friends do the Muddy Duck Run. Got some great video. But in an effort to capture the finish I ended up in a sprint to the finish myself. My right hip is a bit sore. But here's to a better May back on the road.See this image largerSpend the last few days miserable. Not able to skip work, so I worked and slept. Feeling some better tonight. Still going fir a good night sleep. And bouncing back tomorrow.See this image largerBe your own champion, get out and do your thing. If rain can stop you soon it will be heat, then cold. By going out in the rain you have defeated the cheater, slacker & quitter in you. Go! Just finished 3.2 miles in the rain, now to shower and head to work.See this image largerFinished my run, get it done early. Have some work to do. The royal wedding is bombarding the tv. So in honor of an American becoming royalty, I decided to watch King Ralph.See this image largerTake a moment to remember those who gave their lives and the families they left behind this Memorial Day. As you enjoy the freedoms you have never get lost in the celebration.See this image largerRun the Ranch 5k, at Eagle Ranch, is in the books. Not a PR course by any means. Quite happy with my time. After the recent challenges this feel like major victory. 3rd place age group. So todayI was the 3rd fastest old guy in a certain place.See this image largerFeels good to be back to regular routine without pain, really having fun. Now the comeback begins to take shape. From regular 3 miles runs to 10k July 4th.See this image largerGot todays run complete, working up to the 10k on July 4th. Need to ramp up the distance as the temperture rises, 72° at 8am.See this image largerTime to head out the door. Time to chase myself down and clear my head.See this image largerMy mind is clear now, 3.8 miles in the books. It's the 1st day of summer and only 2 weeks to my 10k. Looking forward to the event, while the logistics are yet to be figured out. Oh well, that will figure too.See this image largerThis mornings 5 miles puts just over 65 miles for June. That's the most since injury in March. Comeback feels so slow, but worth it. If faced with a setback don't give. Pick up where you can and go.See this image largerLooking at my numbers on the year it's all coming up 9. My 2018 goal was running 900 miles. At this time I should have covered 450, (4+5+0=9). But do to injury I only covered 360, (9). I've come up 90 miles short. So I have 540 (9) to make to make goal. Not sure I'll push for that, because the means 90 miles a month for the rest of the year. But 9 had a battle on his hands as well.See this image largerFinal regular run before 10k on the 4th, 3.4 miles of rolling hills. Ready to embrace cardiac or heartbreak hill. There's a top notch cardiac hospital right there. But is more known for crushing dreams. Headed to race expo later today to pick up my race number and check gear & goodies.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerAll set as set can be. Ready to meet up with 59,999 friends for the 49th annual PRR. Will be a great way to start Independence Day. It's also the USATF 10k championship. I won't be at their pace for sure. The prize is the t-shirt, no one knows the design until the race startS and you have to finish to get it. Let's run.See this image largerHappy 4th. Just made start line. Start time 7:10See this image largerHappy 4th. Just made start line. Start time 7:10See this image largerMade TV. Finished in under 55 min. Me in red shirt. Cardiac hill did not break my heart. But 73 degree start at 95% humidity sucks the life outof you. But tostart with the National Anthem and F16 fly over, awesime.See this image largerI can truly say, "Been there, done that and got the t-shirt to prove it". Finished in 55:44, overall place was 5729, age group males 55-59 was 246 of 2518. Top 10% either way. This was a bucket list race.See this image largerGetting out on Monday morning before sunrise is great way to start the week. Find your start. Do it with intention and not a whiny have to.See this image largerReady to head out to work. Completed my 3.2 mile run, showered, dressed, breakfast, down 4 glasses of water already & coffee is ready for the road. All by 6am. Bring on the day.See this image largerSaturday's run was canceled due to thunderstorms. The power went out seconds after waking and it wasn't raining yet. So I'll get out today.See this image largerTruth is, somedays I work from home and start at 8am. Days like today, I have to be out the door before 6am. Get out there and get it done; it's your choice.See this image largerThe quiet summer morning runs are coming to and end. Traffic has increased. Vacations are over, some are headed back, other teachers making the final summer preperations. It'll all seem normal soon enough.See this image largerKicked back approach this morning. Ran 3.2miles, 4 cups of water are down. Ate a good breakfast. Made the commute to (near) work. Just sitting debating about when to walk in.See this image largerTo be honest I slept in today, didn't wake up until 8am. But that's fine, I still got my run. Get up and make your day. Fitness or couch, a day of boredom snacking or getting those steps. Go make your day.See this image largerIt's over, I'm done. Hit the streets, grab the miles. It's just that easy. Then you can hit the rest of the day wide open. Even surprised with 66°. Got to sleep a little late too. Come on @KATBRUNNERSee this image largerOk, so I've been absent a while, but still keeping on. Had my longest run since March, 6.9 miles. Struggling with summer, drains my energy, looking foward to cooler temps coming soon. Work hours have been crazy and not changing soon. But I will adapt and survive. Hears to Labor Day festivities, me at the grill. Can you spot the turkey burgers?See this image largerCooling down after my 1st 8 mi. run since injury in March. Picture is the point where I begin 2 mile uphill climb. Most of which is in the open, bright sun. So ready for summer to end, Sept. has been hotter than July & Aug. Make it a great day.See this image largerTried something new, 2 birds-1 stone. My work schedule has been all kinds of hours. So tonight I went for an evening run. I've always run in the morning. I also just signed up for an evening 5k in one of the big Christmas drive through displays. Needed some evening prep anyway.See this image largerNumber 2, my 2nd evening run. Do what it takes to keep moving. Feels so different than the thousand or two miles I've done in the mornings. It works into my very odd and busy schedule right now.See this image largerDo what needs to be done, it's your choice. I'm now inside & out of the dark, after another evening 3.8 mile run. Getting more accustomed to evenings. Was still 73° after a raining cold front. Can't wait to get back to mornings and cooler weather. Have a great night and wonderful tomorrow.See this image largerClosing out Sept. I totaled 72 miles running. Not were I expected to be, but happy to be that far after injury in March. Adjusting my goal for the year, it would be unattainable at this point. Hey there's always nest year. Plus some day soon Fall may arrive and cool things off a bit. I'll break in Oct. with a morning run, temps should be around 68 at 5 am.See this image largerHeading out for a run to find it raining & 71°. So go run anyway. Finally didn't hit 90 yesterday. Fall is finally coming, so is Michael, providing breeze & showers for now. Praying for those in the panhandle.See this image largerGood run this morning, just felt good, I conquored 2 mile hill & did 9 miles . Cloudy, great breeze, 50° first over 6 miles without breaking down in the middle, furthest distance since injury.See this image largerThis will be the view for tonight's race. Christmas lights are up, the route is set & I'm ready. 1st night race, should be a perfect 45°. Let's ring in Christmas with a trip through Thanksgiving.See this image larger45 minutes pre-race. Sun is going down. Will shed the hat and jacket soon. Christmas music playing, Santa & elves all around. Ready to run.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPR, PR, PR; 23:22, nice 5k with all the Christmas lights. 1st place age group, 35th overall. Ran my butt off. I'm stoked.See this image largerThis was my morning run. Not even in the pictures of my mind; it was actually dark, windy & freezing. Do it anyway, be a champion.See this image largerJust wrapped up10 mile run. Maybe had a cold coming on, sweat it out, othwrwise felt good. Average temp 48° & long sleeve tech shirt was a little much. It didn't cool off like expected.See this image largerMini vacation, yesterday snuck in a 7 mile run and today I finished my project here. 4 trees here, 1 more in the other room. Holiday parties/dinners are here. Let's enjoy them and not let them remain upon us. Eat smart.See this image largerSo I didn't jump from bed & run this morning, I waited 'til it hit 31°. I hate wearing long pants to run. Just wrapped up 7 miles, shorts & L/S tech shirt. Shed the gloves & ear cover at mile 3. Found this leaf durning cool down, thought it was neat the way it turned. No matter what get some fitness in.See this image largerIt was 25° for my morning run today. But look at what I would have missed. If outsude is your thing, do it. If you was to give yourself to indoors, get it done. Or you get to live with your excuses.See this image largerAfter an 11mile run at 40°, in the rain it time for a hot breakfast. 2 eggs w/ salsa, 2 servings of oatmeal w/ a teaspoon of sugar. Warming up.See this image largerOut and back for 3.8 mile run, after 9 hours sleep. Starting a new day.See this image largerWhich voice will win....Morning run: by mile 1 excuse, I feel terrible. Mile 3 excuse, I can't go on. Mile 3.5 the creek was flooded turn back, mile 4 go this way at least I'll get 7. By mile 8, let's go around the block; that's 3.8 alone. So I decided to wrap up mile 12 and call it done.See this image largerDon't give up on yourself when challanged, press on. Don't let a little voice beat you; listen to your body, it can do more than the voice want you to believe. Went out for the Sat. long run, felt good. 11.4 miles, 6,7 & 8 were testing me, I just kept coaching myself. Yes, I thought it was to much. But I would be quitting on myself. My body kept going.See this image largerHappy Christmas Eve, it looks like it. Morning run was very quiet. Normally traffic creates a headwind as it wizzes by. Looks more like 4am than 6am. But made a relaxing 5k.See this image largerMerry Christmas Spark friends. Tis the morning of Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring @ 7:35 except me. Who just wrapped up a peaceful sunrise 4 mile run. Gleaming frosty morning sparkling as the moon glowed at the start and sun was bursting orange by the finish. Have a wonderful Christmas Day, or Tuesday however you see it.See this image largerWorking today, but I did close out the year with a 3.5 mile run. Only 16 hours until 2019 here. Make ut the best end of year and step into the new on fire.See this image largerFirst run of 2019, 3.9 miles completed. Eager to start things off & get the 1st enrty in the books. Can you believe it's 2019. Last year was good beacuse I finished it alive. Make it a good year, ond day at a time.See this image largerDon't say impossible. 3.5 years ago I decided it was time to lose. I could run about 50 feet & be out of breath. I started walking, and soon a little running. That face says 2 things. 1- I'm exhausted after a 13 mile, 2hr run. And, 2- I have to finish putting decorations away. Make the day a great one, start something you thought was impossible.See this image largerRain, if I was not enjoying running in the rain; I don't think I'd get to run. Get out and do it anyway. I've used treadmills as much as I hate them. Stay in and do it anyway. Just for you.See this image largerOk, so I've been missing for a while, been out of town. Worked 11, 10+ hours days straight with a couple extra travel days. I was on my feet all day, my feet where hurting so I wasn't running by day 4. Eating, well that's another story. Getting back on track, letting it get me down.

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