The 100 Best Workout Songs of 2013


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This is one of my favorite posts to write every year: sharing this epic list of get-your-body-moving motivational workout songs of the year. Unlike all those holiday treats and sweets, this is one thing you can enjoy in December that won't make your pants fit tighter.
All year long, I've been compiling a list of the best workout songs that were released (or popular) within the last 12 months. Here, you'll find all the songs that people like you were dancing, running, cycling and lifting to throughout 2013.

But that's not all: This list is the BEST of the best! I asked members of, America's #1 weight loss and fitness website, to vote on their favorites. Find out which song took the top spot as best workout jam of the year,  whether any of your own favorites made the list, and how you can download a brand new 60-minute cardio workout mix of the top 15 songs (as voted on by exercisers like you)!

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No. 1 Workout Song of the Year:
Katy Perry

No. 2:
Robin Thicke
Blurred Lines

No. 3:
Alicia Keys
Girl On Fire

No. 4:
Lady Gaga

No. 5:
Just Give Me a Reason

No. 6:
Imagine Dragons

No. 7:
Wake Me Up!

No. 8:
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton
Can't Hold Us

No. 9:

No. 10:
Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera
Feel This Moment

No. 11:
Taylor Swift.
I Knew You Were Trouble

No. 12: ft. Britney Spears
Scream & Shout

No. 13:
Daft. Punk
Get Lucky

No. 14:
Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly
Cruise (Remix)

No. 15:
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz
Thrift Shop

Download SparkPeople's 132-BPM 60-minute continuous cardio remix of the 15 most popular workout songs of the year on iTunes for $9.99, or at for just $8.99! Check out a preview of the songs below:

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Here's the rest of the top 100, ranked in order by votes received by thousands of exercisers like you:
  1. Selena Gomez -- Come & Get It
  1. Icona Pop  -- I Love It
  1. Fall Out Boy -- My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark
  1. Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven
  1. Britney Spears – Work B**ch
  1. Maroon 5 Love – Somebody
  1. Neon Trees – Everybody Talks
  1. Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – Live It Up
  1. Kelly Clarkson – People Like Us
  1. Miley Cyrus – We Can't Stop
  1. Rihanna – Diamonds
  1. One Republic – Counting Stars
  1. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
  1. Anna Kendricks – Cups (When I'm Gone)
  1. Maroon 5 – Daylight
  1. Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie
  1. Bruno Mars – Treasure
  1. Demi Lovato – Heart Attack
  1. Justin Timberlake – Mirrors
  1. Phillip Phillips – Home
  1. Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake – Holy Grail
  1. Pitbull ft. Ke$ha – Timber
  1. Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love
  1. Eminem ft. Rihanna – The Monster
  1. Imagine Dragons – Demons
  1. Zedd – Clarity
  1. Swedish House Mafia – Don't You Worry Child
  1. Capitol Cities – Safe and Sound
  1. Eminem – Berzerk
  1. Mandisa – Overcomer
  1. Train – Bruises
  1. Ne-Yo– Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)
  1. Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing
  1. Lady Gaga – Do What U Want
  1. Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)
  1. Enrique Iglesias – Turn the Night Up
  1. One Direction – Best Song Ever
  1. One Direction – One Way or Another
  1. Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj – Beauty and a Beat
  1. – Bang Bang
  1. Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida – Troublemaker
  1. Ke$ha – Warrior
  1. Drake – Started From the Bottom
  1. Ellie Goulding – Burn
  1. Ke$ha – C'mon
  1. Tegan & Sara – Closer
  1. Emeli Sande – Next to Me
  1. Beyonce – Bow Down, I Been On
  1. David Guetta ft. Ne-Yo& Akon – Play Hard
  1. Baauer – Harlem Shake
  1. Paramore – Now
  1. Skrillex – Wild For the Night
  1. Britney Spears – Ooh La La
  1. Passion Pit – Take a Walk
  1. Jason Derulo – The Other Side
  1. Icona Pop – All Night
  1. Eminem – Rap God
  1. Fitz & The Tantrums – Out of My League
  1. One Republic – If I Lose Myself
  1. Bastille – Pompeii
  1. Little Mix – Wings
  1. Psy – Gentleman
  1. Nelly – Hey Porsche
  1. Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay-Z – B**ch Don't Kill My Vibe
  1. Avicii vs Nicky Romero – I Could Be the One
  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege
  1. Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith – La La La
  1. Vampire Weekend – Diane Young
  1. Far East Movement – Turn Up the Love
  1. Justin Timberlake – Murder
  1. Jessie J – Wild
  1. Drake – 5 a.m. in the Morning
  1. Lil Wayne – Love Me
  1. Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah – Drinking From the Bottle
  1. Carolina Marquez ft. Flo Rida & Dale S – Sing La La La
  1. Cash Cash – Take Me Home
  1. Kanye West – New Slaves
  1. Haim – Falling
  1. The Saturdays ft. Sean Paul – What About Us
  1. Mike Posner – The Way It Used To Be
  1. Electric Guest – This Head I Hold
  1. Duke Dumont ft. Ame – Need U (100 Percent)
  1. Disclosure ft. Alunageorge – White Noise
  1. Kid Cudi ft. Haim – Red Eye
  1. Disclosure – F for You
Did any of your favorites make the list? What are your favorite workout songs from 2013?

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  • 50
    great information - 2/14/2018   11:30:00 PM
  • 49
    good song - 9/26/2017   12:49:17 AM
  • 48
    Apparently I have never really "heard" the lyrics of Blurred Lines. It's sad that a song like that became so popular. - 9/28/2016   2:19:22 PM
  • 47
    Not impressed; this list is basically a copy and paste from Billboard top 100. Some of these I can't imagine having the right beat to work out to. And 'Blurred Lines', Seriously? - 7/25/2016   9:46:44 PM
    Showing my age now - have never heard of any of the songs on the list, lol. - 1/25/2015   7:23:46 AM
  • 45
    I loved this. Not everything on it is to my taste, but I like trying new things and I found some gems in here. To me, new music keeps exercise from getting boring, and boredom is the death of motivation. - 4/14/2014   8:42:24 PM
  • JUDYK61
    I personally won't buy anything that includes Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj. - 3/30/2014   9:56:39 PM
    Please reconsider including Blurred Lines; despite its popularity it, it sends an unhealthy message about what it means to consent to sexual activity. - 3/22/2014   10:22:39 PM
  • 42
    #96, Electric Guest, yay! Their album Mondo was one of my top ten favorites from last year, love it! - 1/24/2014   2:45:20 AM
  • 41
    They play some of these on a loop in the gym where I work, and I hear them 3 or 4 times a shift ;) ... I swear that Wrecking Ball is now in my head 99.5% of the time I am awake, and I'm fairly sure it'll start haunting my dreams.
    Glad this is affordable for 100 songs and there are lots of choices. Maybe I'll branch out a bit. Thanks! - 1/16/2014   5:47:59 PM
  • 11KHNC
    I love this list. The only two of the top songs I don't like are the Pink ones, cause I find Pink annoying, plus they don't seem very upbeat. But Roar is already on my workout playlist, and really gets me going. I'm gonna have to start buying some of these other songs for this year's workouts. - 1/15/2014   11:28:02 AM
  • 39
    I have purchased some of these songs. Great playlist even in 2014! :) - 1/13/2014   10:51:14 PM
    Love the list minus Pink's Just Give me A Reason and Alisha Keys This Girl is on Fire. Love, love Pink and Alisha but that is not work out music. Maclemore, Drake, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Robin Thicke...great music to move to. However, I won't be buying this as I have 90% of it on my iTunes. - 1/13/2014   10:20:28 PM
  • 37
    Good list. The One Republic song "Counting Stars" and Avicii's "Wake Me Up" are on my list for sure. Would have liked a little more rock, like Kings of Leon's "Temple." - 1/13/2014   11:26:16 AM
  • 36
    Top 40 list not really work to sing. - 1/10/2014   1:46:44 PM
  • 35
    This reminds me an article I read years ago in "Runners World Magazine." The topic there wasn't the best workout songs but the worst -- the ones that get stuck in our heads and can't be dislodged. The winning vote was one poor lady, the mother of several young children, who told us that you don't know misery until you've had "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" running over and over and over and ... in your tortured brain. - 1/10/2014   6:38:41 AM
  • 34
    Love the list! Don't know or don't like all the songs but a lot of my favorites made it! Roar is #1 in my playlist too! - 1/9/2014   12:50:52 PM
  • 33
    Any chance there's another list of "Best KID-FRIENDLY Workout Songs of 2013" for those of us who often have children along for the *fun* ? I made it through looking up the first 27-or-so before discouragement set in and I gave up. That's a whole-lotta song lyrics to look up just to be continually disappointed with lyrical let-downs at nearly every turn. :/ - 1/2/2014   9:07:40 AM
    Sure, they are great songs if you are a teeny bopper!!! You say we are never to old to work out but I know people my age wouldn't pay a dime to download songs they have never heard before. Just remember, you have people of all ages subscribe to your website. - 12/31/2013   4:48:45 PM
  • 31
    I don't understand why the only playlist is a "re-mix" or cover versions of these tunes. I am old but open to new music and would purchase if I could easily get the playlist in original versions. I am not the only one to make this comment. Please help us understand. - 12/31/2013   11:27:42 AM
  • 30
    I can't see blurred lines as a workout song.
    - 12/30/2013   5:19:23 PM
    Seriously? This looks copy pasted for the billboard 100. Crappy list to work out to. - 12/30/2013   4:30:58 PM
  • 28
    OMG! I am absolutely appalled that "Blurred Lines" is on a list of top ANYTHING. Look at the lyrics here
    rredlines.html and tell me again this is appropriate?????? - 12/30/2013   9:48:45 AM
  • 27
    I'm surprised at some songs that made the list and don't know some others. Mostly not to my taste. I'll use music from my current collection. - 12/29/2013   8:45:43 AM
    I don't particularly like the song Blurred Lines, but if that's what people voted for I guess it has to be on the list. - 12/28/2013   3:43:46 AM
    Blurred Lines? Are you serious? That's a rape song! Repulsive. - 12/28/2013   2:12:25 AM
    Don't know any of these songs (I've heard of some of them but not HEARD them) and I love music. Guess I just listen to a much different playlist. - 12/26/2013   11:06:57 PM
    please get blurred lines off of this list - 12/25/2013   10:25:07 PM
  • 22
    I'm a rock and roll guy. I don't care for rap or hip-hop at all. #22, Everybody Talks by Neon Trees, is a treasure. As for the rest, forgettaboutit. - 12/25/2013   9:00:00 AM
  • 21
    Since I don't care for Pop and Hip Hop, I am not familiar with most of the song on this list, and I HATE Blurred Lines because if you really listen to the lyrics, it is about rape. - 12/24/2013   4:00:06 PM
  • PAUL77479
    I was disappointed to check iTunes and see that the versions you offer there are COVER versions not REMIXES. - 12/24/2013   9:32:43 AM
  • ALLIN1231
    Great energetic songs! Love it!
    - 12/21/2013   2:59:03 PM
  • 18
    Lots of my faves on that list! I also love Inner Ninja by Classified. - 12/21/2013   6:40:43 AM
    Great list. - 12/20/2013   6:57:59 PM
  • 16
    I've heard 2 of these. That is okay cuz most people on here listen to the rock music and I don't anymore. I listen to country and Christian instead. - 12/20/2013   1:14:12 PM
  • 15
    i know most of the songs but hate any remix. original artists are the only way to go with workout music - 12/19/2013   7:58:24 PM
    Should be on this list!!! - 12/19/2013   7:04:13 AM
  • 13
    That Skrillex song is horrible. I can't imagine working out to that. - 12/18/2013   7:48:56 PM
    Good list - 12/18/2013   7:41:53 PM
  • 11
    I had most of the top 15, but I added quite a few to my regular cardio mix!!! Thanks, I needed to change it up!
    - 12/18/2013   5:34:19 PM
    glad to see the list is rather diverse...I don't know many of these songs, but will be looking them up to see if I should add any to my personal playlist. I'm not too fond of today's music, but I love to Zumba and find myself listening to those songs despite not knowing what they are saying in some of the songs...the music is pumping. Dale Dale by Francesca Maria, however is in English...that should have made the list - 12/18/2013   3:48:11 PM
  • 9
    I guess I just don't listen today's music. Must be getting old but still exercise to the music of my generation. 50's music. chuckle. - 12/18/2013   10:52:05 AM
    Great list! I think Harlem by New Politics should be on the list. Gets me going every time!! - 12/18/2013   10:49:38 AM
  • 7
    The only one I don't see on here that I listen to a lot when I work out is Stay the Night by Zedd feat. Hayley Williams. Otherwise, it basically reads like a current pop radio station. The upside being I'm familiar with most of them. The downside of that is that I don't get as many new songs from this list as I did last year. - 12/18/2013   10:46:55 AM
  • 6
    To me this just looks like a top 40's song list. Many of these songs just dont fit a workout list for me. - 12/18/2013   10:42:02 AM
  • 5
    Well, I know pretty much NONe of these songs but I listen to a differeng genre most of the time I guess!! I am feeling old right now! - 12/18/2013   10:41:44 AM
    Wow I'm . . . tired of hearing just about all of these songs (the ones in the top 15 anyway). I think My Songs Know... and The Monster are the only two I have on my playlist at this point (Although I love that Ylvis made this list!) - 12/18/2013   9:41:20 AM
  • 3
    The only song on this list I know is Radioactive..LOL. And that's just because of my 16 yr. old son...HA! - 12/18/2013   9:10:57 AM
  • 2
    lol I officially haven't heard a SINGLE one of these songs. I must be getting old. - 12/18/2013   8:43:28 AM
  • 1
    Thanks, Coach Nicole.
    - 12/18/2013   5:22:23 AM

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