50 Good Reasons to Run


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I started running several years ago and could barely handle 10 minutes of it. But I kept at it—and I'm sure glad I did.  Three-and-a-half years, countless races, and thousands of miles later, "runner" is now a big part of my personal identity.  I run in rain, snow, sleet, wind. I run through every season and at every time of day. I run for doughnuts and even through muddy obstacles—for the fun of it. Some may think that's crazy, but other members of this special club understand. When you choose to join (we're always welcoming new members), you'll understand it, too.
To celebrate the upcoming National Running Day (June 5, 2013), I created this list of all the reasons why I (love to) run.
  1. I run to leave my troubles behind.
  2. I run to move forward.
  3. I run to be alone.
  4. I run to be with others.
  5. I run to push myself to my limits.
  6. I run to test myself.
  7. I run to compete with others.
  8. I run to compete against myself.
  9. I run to think about everything.
  10. I run to think about nothing.
  11. I run to listen to my heart.
  12. I run to listen to my thoughts.
  13. I run to listen to my music.
  14. I run to listen to the quiet.
  15. I run to take in the scenery.
  16. I run to explore a new city.
  17. I run to work out wherever I am.
  18. I run to get from point A to B.
  19. I run to save on gas.
  20. I run to just get out and go.
  21. I run to break in my shoes.
  22. I run to buy new shoes.
  23. I run to salute the sun.
  24. I run to be in nature.
  25. I run to have a routine.
  26. I run to be spontaneous.
  27. I run to breathe.
  28. I run to relax.
  29. I run to energize.
  30. I run to reach new goals.
  31. I run to reach new heights.
  32. I run to reach new distances.
  33. I run to get sweaty.
  34. I run to become breathless.
  35. I run to get vitamin D.
  36. I run to manage my weight.
  37. I run to enjoy that dessert
  38. I run to be fit.
  39. I run to be healthy.
  40. I run to have great legs.
  41. I run to have great lungs.
  42. I run to be faster.
  43. I run to be stronger.
  44. I run to get better.
  45. I run to escape.
  46. I run to be present.
  47. I run to be mindful.
  48. I run to be a better athlete.
  49. I run to be a better person.
  50. I run to feel alive.
I run because I can. And as long as I can run, I will.

If you're interested in starting or continuing a running program, check out SparkPeople's Running Center for training plans, tips, and more!
Can you relate to these reasons? Why do YOU run? Will you run on National Running Day?

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    Thanks for sharing, Coach Nicole. Great tips! - 12/25/2017   10:34:11 PM
  • 141
    I run to leave my troubles behind--I love it! - 12/21/2017   6:59:33 AM
  • 140
    Interesting read! - 11/24/2017   1:28:40 AM
  • 139
    Great article! - 10/13/2017   2:46:04 PM
  • 138
    I need to start running again! - 10/13/2017   11:08:07 AM
  • 137
    Good article - 10/13/2017   4:56:12 AM
  • 136
    Good stuff. - 10/12/2017   2:34:11 PM
  • 135
    Walking is my drug of choice, but this is great! - 10/12/2017   12:10:57 PM
  • 134
    love this - 10/12/2017   11:21:56 AM
  • 133
    Thanks - 9/25/2017   9:22:18 AM
    Love all of these and I love to run, it relaxes me and that is where I solved all my issues. - 3/24/2017   8:52:05 PM
  • 131
    I wanted to refer real research to the last poster, but as often happens when I read a comment about the danger of running because "they know someone who" her page is "offline and unavailable" This happens a lot. Actually, statistically, runners suffer fewer joint problems than non runners. Of course you have to run smart. Don't increase too far or too fast too quickly. Stretch afterwards etc. And if you hurt, STOP! Also each pound adds 4 to 10 pounds of pressure on your knees, so watching your weight a good idea too. One reason not to run is if you don't like it. There are plenty of other ways to get exercise. Unfortunately, you can get hurt in a lot of them, so workout smart whatever you choose to do. - 11/14/2016   4:16:32 PM
  • 130
    I don't want to sound like a negative downer, but I do suggest doing a Search on the damage running can do. It may not show up until older, but most likely it will show up in some way or another. A runner friend of mine can't run anymore due to terrible arthritis in her knees caused by her running. I have never been a runner because I had read years ago of the consequences of doing so. Just check it out is all I'm saying. - 11/5/2016   7:58:22 PM
    Thank you, Coach Nicole. Wonderful reasons to run or walk! So happy for these thoughts! - 11/5/2016   2:20:12 PM
  • 128
    All inspiring and I wish I could run for any length of time. I find a good fast walk outside gives me many of this benefits. - 2/8/2016   2:22:29 PM
  • 127
    Very inspiring reasons to run! - 2/8/2016   10:17:31 AM
  • 126
    I actually take interval runs to manage my weight and relieve stress. It works like a charm for me. I often run to work things through with or without music. It depends on my mood. I ALWAYS feel better after an interval run. - 8/17/2015   11:25:41 AM
  • 125
    41. I run to have great lungs. I have not been able to run for more than 10 minutes since I was diagnosed with asthma. I can now run twice as long after 8 years - 7/3/2014   3:39:22 AM
  • SWALSH80
    I was a runner until I broke my ankle in April. Doctor says I'll be able to run again, but it will take a while. I have set a goal of running the Seven-Mile Bridge in Marathon next April, I should be close to 100% by then. - 6/23/2014   12:37:02 PM
  • 123
    I used to run before life kicked me in the pants..... - 5/4/2014   4:27:07 PM
  • 122
    This has really inspired me to start running. I was running for 5 minutes and Completely out of breath. I will run to stay healthy, And because I can, And that is reason enough. - 11/18/2013   12:54:27 PM
  • 121
    Amen! - 11/4/2013   4:17:53 PM
    45. I run to escape.
    - 9/3/2013   9:57:02 AM
  • 119
    You could reprint this article with a slight change in text... "I walk..." instead of "I run..."

    I can't run because I have completely shattered knees and a hip replacement but I can walk and I do, about 32 miles per week normally. - 9/3/2013   4:49:17 AM
    Thanks for sharing. - 9/2/2013   11:16:00 PM
  • 117
    I run because I can, and I know others are unable to!
    - 9/2/2013   11:12:36 PM
  • MCOB11
    Recovering from a minor injury, I'm finally back to about 3 miles/run. This list is completely in synch with what I love about running and what I missed during my recovery. Thanks so much! - 9/2/2013   3:19:18 PM
  • 115
    What a motivating list. I could apply the same sentiments to Walking. Hoping to graduate to running soon. - 9/2/2013   10:17:22 AM
    Namaste - 9/2/2013   4:37:21 AM
  • 113
    I love this list. I run with my daughter to help train with her for cross country!!! - 7/11/2013   7:42:24 AM
  • 112
    I run to zone out and to meditate. - 7/2/2013   5:27:03 PM
  • 111
    Great list! I love several reasons named on it. I am thankful the military introduced me to running on a regular basis. Now I do it as part of my work out routine. - 6/20/2013   12:21:39 PM
  • 110
    Love the list!! Love, love, love to run!!! - 6/14/2013   11:52:38 AM
    #51 - because you have nothing better to do. - 6/11/2013   7:24:19 AM
  • KJONES254
    This is a very fantastic article you've written here. I actually like what you said, and its very motivating, too. Its all about being consistent, and having the willpower to do something without making excuses and limitations, such as the weather for instance. But still, this is a fantastic article. - 6/10/2013   10:45:09 PM
  • 107
    Let's go for a fun. - 6/5/2013   1:24:41 PM
  • 106
    now that I know it's national running day, I will - 6/5/2013   7:14:44 AM
  • 105
    Nice reminder of why I like to run. - 6/4/2013   9:19:11 PM
  • 104
    Loved it! - 6/4/2013   1:29:48 PM
    Wish I could run like a runner. I can barely jog without getting out of breath really fast -- and that's even when I'm in shape. My heart rate goes up way higher than it should at my age. But when I stick to the limits of how high my heart rate should be, it's boring! It hardly feels like I'm working hard enough. How do I fix that? - 6/4/2013   11:21:36 AM
  • 102
    after reading your list--I had to write my own. Thanks for re-lighting my fire!
    - 6/4/2013   10:19:17 AM
  • 101
    One of my favorite blogs in a long time. - 6/4/2013   9:52:02 AM
    I just want to drop a few more pounds before I start to run. Because too much weight is not good on the knees. - 6/4/2013   8:16:36 AM
    I started running intervals with walking (gradually getting more running than walking) after reading John "the Penguin" Bingham's book No Need for Speed. It's been a year since I started, and just ran my first official 5K. I've participated with a few of Sparkpeople's virtual 5Ks, and the training schedule was definitely helpful. I would increase time/distance more slowly, but I'm in this for the rest of my life, as God gives me the ability (I'm 53 now), so I've got time to improve. 3 or 4 days/week, outside. I don't know how I'd do with a treadmill, but the fresh air and country quiet is part of what I like. - 6/2/2013   8:19:20 AM
  • 98
    Just started a couch to 5k training again...I tried last summer and gave up...this year I will do it - 6/1/2013   12:43:47 PM
  • 97
    Thanks for the Inspiration. One of my goals is to start running agian - 5/31/2013   8:47:35 AM
  • 96
    Thanks for sharing. - 5/31/2013   6:57:51 AM
  • 95
    I love your list! Thank you. I will post it near my treadmill. I used to run but stopped and gained 123 pounds. ( I had lost 110) I am now on my way back to health and have lost 40 pounds since January. I can't wait to run again! Thank you. :) - 5/31/2013   6:53:34 AM
  • 94
    I used to run too, but had to give it up because of hip problems, so now I walk, 5 miles a day, rain or shine, and will do that as long as I can! Love all the 50 reasons for running and could include them for why I walk every day!
    Ruth - 5/30/2013   7:03:46 PM
  • ALAN310
    I used to love to run. It helped me loose over 100 pounds but since my torn knee meniscus and subsequent arthroscopic surgery I gave it up. Run as long as you can, it makes you feel like a kid again. - 5/30/2013   6:14:36 PM

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