30-Minute Indoor Walking Workout

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
You already know some of the amazing benefits of walking: It’s good for your heart, great for your bones and burns calories, but some days the weather outside can be frightful, and the treadmill can be well, less than delightful.

If you are in need of an indoor walking buddy today, join me for this full length, low-impact workout you can follow along with at home! This 30-minute power walk is easy to follow, fun to do, and it doesn’t require much space to move around. Plus, it's appropriate for all fitness levels.

Let’s get walking!

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About the Author

As someone who struggled to lose weight for years, Jessica found that the key to her own 40-pound weight loss was making small, healthy lifestyle changes that led to big, lasting results. Now, as a certified wellcoach, fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has spent the last 15 years helping students and clients reach their goals in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, and now reaches millions online through her YouTube Channel and home exercise DVD series. Please visit jessicasmithtv.com/shop to learn more about her fun, results driven programs for all levels of exercisers.

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SHERYE 3/19/2020
Thank you Report
NANHBH 3/3/2020
Great article! Pinning this one. Report
CKEYES1 3/1/2020
Walking is the easiest cardio Report
PALUTE1 12/22/2019
Thanks Report
WHITEANGEL4 11/9/2019
This is a help to me Report
JEANUT 11/8/2019
I am a primary care giver and have to exercise at home. I use videos and my Wii to get my exercise. One of my fav. is Wii Walk it Out, you walk to music while you build your town. Lot better than just walking in place. Report
PATRICIAAK 10/22/2019
thanks Report
BILLTHOMSON 10/17/2019
Saving this for the bad winter days. Report
NESTIZMT 10/16/2019
How do we put this in our tracker? Report
ATEAMSIS08 9/23/2019
I love walking and working out. Report
PLATINUM755 9/23/2019
Niice! Thx for the share. Looks like fun! Report
KHALIA2 8/16/2019
Great video! Report
TLABBOTT 8/9/2019
Awesome workout this morning. Report
EBEARDSLEE21 7/31/2019
This time of year it's miserable to walk outside in the heat - I walk inside while watching TV or a movie. Report
WHITEANGEL4 7/13/2019
Love this Report
BONNIE1552 6/28/2019
Thanks. Report
EVIE4NOW 6/15/2019
thank you Report
USMAWIFE 5/17/2019
thank you Report
SULLY269 4/27/2019
Great easy to follow workout, which can be modified to vary intensity or experience level. I'm nearly 200lbs status post a hip repair and was able to complete without many modifications. Report
ARTJAC 4/27/2019
GREAT Report
Thank you! Report
DEPSERV 4/25/2019
You can have an excellent indoor workout doing self defense oriented martial arts training. All you need is a small bit of floor space. You get all the good you get out of walking (or running, etc.), but it's much more of a whole body exercise. And you get more bang for your proverbial buck, since you get all that good exercise plus making yourself better able to defend yourself.

I do a lot of walking too by the way, since it's such a good exercise (as well as a practical skill). Variety is good. So do the walking, but do the martial arts too. Report
ANDREAGZZ145 4/25/2019
I do a lot of walking and running. Some indoors and some outdoors. I will give her walking workout a try. Love the little dog snoozing behind her. Report
HOLLYM48 4/25/2019
Great article! Report
Love this article! Report
DEBVNE 4/25/2019
In 2015 when I first became super serious about working out at home, Jessica Smith played a pivotal role. She helped me become fit as we walked together in my family room five days a week. Since then I have also found other trainers that I really enjoy working out with. There are soooooooooo many choices on YouTube that I will share one of my most enduring favs. Check out AngieFitnessTV, her channel provides many power walks...look through her extensive playlists. I appreciate options and so I share one, walk on! Report
PLCHAPPELL 4/25/2019
Goid idea Report
RCLYKE 4/25/2019
Love walking but outdoors Report
SHOAPIE 4/15/2019
Walked dogs outside today. Report
KHALIA2 4/5/2019
I love walking! Report
BUUKWORM14 4/2/2019
Any tips for how to track this in the fitness tracker? Report
One of my favorite videos to walk with. Report
Great Report
I needed an indoor walking exercise for days like today...high temp? About 25 degrees. And not every one shovels and salts their sidewalks! I probably need to look into her 12 minute videos and work my way up to this 30 minute one...Yikes! Report
needed this today as waiting for a delivery so didn't want to go to gym. thanks. Report
Did this yesterday. Reminds me of how uncoordinated I am... but it is done and did a 25 minute JS video today that was a faster pace. Couldn't keep up with all of it but kept moving! Report
Saving this one for a rainy day! Report
Saving this one for a rainy day! Report
This is a great walk! Report
That was a great indoor walking workout. Report
Awesome....thanks... Report
AWRIGHT! The best exercise ever moved indoors Report
I just love to walk! Report
love this Report
did this Report